Top 10 similar words or synonyms for arepas

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for arepas

Article Example
Conflict Kitchen The first menu was Iranian, in honor of the June 2013 Iranian presidential election. New menus followed: "La Cocina Arepas" (Venezuelan cuisine, featuring the titular arepas; the "Cocina Cubana" (Cuban cuisine, with lechon asado and yuca con mojo).
Tapioca In Colombia and Venezuela, arepas may be made with tapioca flour rather than cornmeal. Tapioca arepas probably predate cornmeal arepas; among traditional cultures of the Caribbean the name for them is casabe. Throughout both Spanish and Portuguese South America, the tapioca, or yuca, starch is used to make regional variations of the baked cheese bun, known locally as "pandebono", "pan de yuca", "pão de queijo", "chipá", or "cuñapé", among other names.
Regional street food There are also arepas stuffed with fried meat, seafood salad or usually seafood cooked in coconut milk if one likes.
Changua Modern versions of "Changua" include chicken stock instead of water, tomato concassee, chopped cilantro and "Choclo" Arepas.
Carabobo Carabobo's cuisine shares many components with other Venezuelan regions, like Cachapas, Arepas and Hallacas. Local specialities include: