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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for apocalypse

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Apocalypse An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: "apokálypsis", from and , literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, "a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".
Apocalypse According to the Book of Daniel, after a long period of fasting, Daniel is standing by a river when a heavenly being appears to him, and the revelation follows (Daniel 10:2ff).
Apocalypse Similar is the frequent prophecy of the length of time through which the events predicted must be fulfilled. Thus, the "time, times, and a half," Daniel 12:7 which has been taken to be 3½ years in length by Dispensationalists; the ""fifty-eight times"" of Enoch, xc.5, ""Assumptio Mosis"", x.11; the announcement of a certain number of "weeks" or days, which starting point in Daniel 9:24, 25 is "the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks", a mention of 1290 days after the covenant/sacrifice is broken (Daniel 12:11), 12; Enoch xciii.3–10; 2 Esdras 14:11, 12; "Apocalypse of Baruch" xxvi–viii; Revelation 11:3, which mentions "two witnesses" with supernatural power, 12:6; compare "Assumptio Mosis", vii.1. Symbolic language is also used to describe persons, things or events; thus, the "horns" of Daniel 7 and 8; Revelation 17 and following; the "heads" and "wings" of 2 Esdras xi and following; the seven seals of Revelation 6; trumpets, Revelation 8; "vials of the wrath of God" or "bowl..." judgments, Revelation 16; the dragon, Revelation 12:3–17, Revelation 20:1–3; the eagle, "Assumptio Mosis", x.8; and so on.
Apocalypse In the Hebrew Old Testament some pictures of the end of the age were images of the judgment of the wicked and the glorification of those who were given righteousness before God. In the Book of Job and in some Psalms the dead are described as being in Sheol, awaiting the final judgment. The wicked will then be consigned to eternal suffering in the fires of Gehinnom, or the lake of fire mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
Apocalypse In the Book of Revelation (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, "Apokalypsis Ioannou" – literally, "John's Revelation"), the last book of the New Testament, the revelation which John receives is that of the ultimate victory of good over evil and the end of the present age, and that is the primary meaning of the term, one that dates to 1175.
Apocalypse The revelation may be made through a dream, as in the Book of Daniel, or through a vision, as in the Book of Revelation. In biblical accounts of revelations the manner of the revelation and its reception is generally described.
Apocalypse Today, the term is commonly used in reference to any prophetic revelation or so-called end time scenario, or to the end of the world in general.
Apocalypse Symbolism is a frequent characteristic of apocalyptic writing. One instance of this occurs where gematria is employed, either for obscuring the writer's meaning or enhancing it; as a number of ancient cultures used letters also as numbers ("i.e.", the Romans with their use of "Roman numerals"). Thus the symbolic name ""Taxo"," ""Assumptio Mosis"", ix. 1; the ""Number of the Beast"" (616/666), in the Book of Revelation 13:18; the number 666 ('Iησōῦς), "Sibyllines", i.326–30.
Apocalypse (Apocalypse album) Apocalypse is the self-titled debut album by the Brazilian progressive rock band founded by Eloy Fritsch and friends in order to participate in a student festival in 1983, though with a different lineup. The trio of musicians signed with Acit Records in 1990 and traveled to Porto Alegre to record their first release. The material on Apocalypse was written mostly by keyboardist Fritsch. Fritsch's songs were generally longer and more elaborate and featured mystical lyrics which reflected his interest in Science Fiction, Cosmos and Nature. At the time of their first self-titled LP release, they interrupted the traffic in their town’s main street and gave a concert for over 2.000 people.
Apocalypse (Bottom) After bribing Eddie to check if the moon has risen yet (results inconclusive!), Richie notices that the ceiling above him is sagging, and Eddie explains that it's his piano. (On the DVD version, this also involves Eddie switching on the TV to see what the time is - "Neighbours" is on, implying the time is 5:30, which is when BBC One used to broadcast the repeat). Richie makes him go upstairs and move it. While Eddie is gone, Richie prays that whatever fate awaits him be given instead to Eddie. His prayer is repeatedly interrupted by Eddie playing piano and just as Richie gets up to order Eddie to come down at once, Eddie and the piano crash through the ceiling, destroying Richie's 'bunker'. It's only at this moment that Richie realises that everything that transpired leading him to get the curse was because of Eddie: Eddie said they should go to the funfair, shot the stallholder in the eye, and suggested they hide in the fortune teller's tent. Realising that Eddie could be the cause of his death, Richie throws him out of the flat.