Top 10 similar words or synonyms for aphoristic

epigrammatic    0.803948

sententious    0.788759

allusive    0.768871

imagistic    0.756554

pithy    0.755730

novelistic    0.755591

aphorisms    0.749298

moralising    0.746070

horatian    0.736753

iambus    0.719851

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for aphoristic

Article Example
Fabio Costa (conductor) "Aphoristic Madrigals" for SATB and 31-tone Organ (2015)
Novum Organum After many similar aphoristic reiterations of these important concepts, Bacon presents his famous Idols.
Om The aphoristic verse 1.27 of Pantanjali's Yogasutra links "Om" to Yoga practice, as follows,
Mastin Kipp Kipp has been traced to be the mysterious yet popular author of aphoristic pieces Jackson Kiddard
Vladimir Burich The poetry of Vladimir Burich is minimalist, precise and aphoristic, often with both social and philosophical overtones.
Mark Miremont Mark Miremont is an American artist who works in photography, experimental film, music video and aphoristic writing.
Last Year's Snow Was Falling The film reached a cult status after its first appearance on Central TV. The aphoristic remarks of the characters, full of absurd humor, turned into colloquial proverbs.
The Post-American World The review in the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" called it a "succinct, short and comprehensible volume...full of sharp, almost aphoristic, amusing observations".
The Fortnightly Review Oscar Wilde's aphoristic preface to "The Picture of Dorian Gray" was published in the March 1891 issue; and George Orwell's essay "Bookshop Memories" appeared in November 1936.
Kapila Rishi Kapila is credited with authoring the influential Samkhya-sutra, in which aphoristic sutras present the dualistic philosophy of Samkhya. Kapila's influence on Buddha and Buddhism have long been the subject of scholarly studies.