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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for apfl

Article Example
Missouri Minutemen Missouri Minutemen was an indoor football team that played in the American Professional Football League (APFL). The team started in 2003 as one of three original APFL teams. In 2003 and 2004, they played in the APFL Championship game, APFL Bowl I and II, losing to the Kansas Koyotes both times.
Kansas Koyotes In their first four years of existence, the Koyotes dominated the APFL. They went undefeated in the 2003 and 2004 seasons, beating the Missouri Minutemen in the APFL Bowl both times. In the 2005 season, they went undefeated again, albeit being in many close games, winning their third APFL Bowl over the Iowa Blackhawks by a field goal kicked as time expired. . The winning streak lasted 31 games, including exhibition games and post-season games.
Edward Luttwak He is chairman of the board of Aircraft Purchase Fleet Limited (APFL), an aviation lessor, and the head of a conservation ranch in the Amazon.
Lincoln Capitols The league, hoping to kill off their APFL competition and make the Capitols better, talked with the St. Joseph Storm of the APFL and interested them in merging with the Lincoln Capitols and becoming the St. Joseph Storm. The team was still bad and was later bought by the league and made a traveling team. The end result was prospective owners saw NIFL as a league to avoid which was a major factor in the league's problems in 2007.
Fort Worth Regulators The Regulators final game was held in the American Airlines Center in Dallas where they faced Beaumont. The APFL decided after that game the Regulators would not finish the season schedule over a dispute over the game officials used. The APFL Commissioner wanted officials he sent used for a home game even though the Regulators were supposed to be able to use officials they chose. The league denied the Regulators remaining games be played.