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Antony Lambton Lambton first stood for Parliament at the 1945 general election in the safe Labour seat of Chester-le-Street, then Bishop Auckland in 1950. He was elected to Durham City Council and to Durham County Council in 1947, serving for two years. He was elected Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed in 1951 where he served until 1973.
Antony Lambton In 1991 he made an extended appearance on the TV discussion programme "After Dark", chaired by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, alongside Duncan Campbell, Jane Moore, Clare Short, Anthony Howard and others.
Antony Lambton Lambton married Belinda (Bindy) Blew-Jones (born 23 December 1921, died 13 February 2003) on 10 August 1942. She was the daughter of Douglas Holden Blew-Jones and his wife Violet Hilda Margaret Birkin, sister of Freda Dudley Ward. They had five daughters and one son:
Antony Lambton A security inquiry on the prostitution scandal concluded that there had been "nothing in (Lambton's) conduct to suggest that the risk of indiscretions on these occasions was other than negligible." Lambton stated that he had never taken his red state boxes of government documents with him when he visited Norma Levy. The security inquiry was held due to fears that the prostitution scandal may have involved an actual or potential breach of national security (as had occurred in the Profumo scandal in the 1960s).
Antony Lambton When Lambton was interviewed by MI5 officer Charles Elwell, Lambton first claimed that the pressure of his job as a minister was what drove him to procure the prostitutes. Later, Lambton stated that his sense of "the futility of the job" and lack of demanding tasks as a junior minister were reasons he went to prostitutes. Finally, Lambton claimed that his judgment was faulty when he went to the prostitutes due to his obsession with the battle over the use of an aristocratic title that had been used by his father; Lambton claimed that he sought to soothe this obsession by engaging in frantic activities such as gardening and debauchery.
Antony Lambton Despite renouncing his titles, he continued to use his former courtesy title Viscount Lambton, although, since it was now a title that had passed by courtesy to his eldest son, it was argued by Sir Anthony Wagner and others that this was incorrect. Lambton died in his Italian home on 30 December 2006.
Antony Lambton * After disclaiming his titles in 1970, Lambton preferred the style "Lord Lambton"
Antony Lambton The film character Lord Drysdale in "The Bank Job" is based on Lambton.
Antony Lambton Antony Claud Frederick Lambton (10 July 1922 – 30 December 2006), briefly 6th Earl of Durham, styled before 1970 as Viscount Lambton, and widely known as "Lord Lambton", was a Conservative Member of Parliament and a cousin of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the former Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary. Lambton resigned from Parliament and ministerial office in 1973.
Antony Lambton Lambton was born in 1922, the second son of John Lambton, 5th Earl of Durham. He grew up on the family estates centred on Lambton Castle near Washington in County Durham, actually living at the nearby Biddick Hall. He was educated at Harrow School and served in the Hampshire Regiment during the Second World War, before being invalided out. He then did war work in a Wallsend factory.