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Antoine Gizenga In January 1962 the Congolese Assembly demanded that Gizenga return to Léopoldville to hear charges levied against him for leading a rebel government. He replied that he would only come back when the Katangan secession was resolved. Gizenga then attempted to arrest Armée Nationale Congolaise Commander-in-Chief Victor Lundula and a UN official, both of whom were in Stanleyville to investigate the Kindu atrocity. The plan backfired when Gizenga's militiamen refused to obey his orders. Clashes between his regular supporters and Congolese soldiers ensued, resulting in several deaths. United Nations Secretary General U Thant ordered peacekeeping troops to restore order in Stanleyville, while Adoula had Gizenga placed under house arrest by UN and Congolese troops. He was flown back to Léopoldville via UN aircraft and detained at Camp Kokolo.
Antoine Gizenga On 25 September 2008, Gizenga submitted his resignation as Prime Minister to Kabila. Later in the day he announced this on television, saying that he decided to resign due to his advanced age. According to Gizenga, he felt unable to continue in office: "For every man, even if you are sane and alert, your body has limits which you have to recognise". He had not received a response from Kabila at that point. Reacting to the news, the opposition Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC) said that Gizenga's "resignation constitutes an admission of failure and negligence from a government which, after nearly two years, left the country in a general state of crisis". The MLC disputed Gizenga's statement that his resignation was related to age and health. Kabila reportedly "officially acknowledged" Gizenga's resignation in a letter sent to Gizenga on 28 September. The governing coalition, the Alliance for the Presidential Majority, remained in place after Gizenga's resignation, and negotiations were held regarding the selection of a successor to Gizenga.
Antoine Gizenga Gizenga turned down an offer of UN protection and was eventually imprisoned on the island Bula Mbemba in the mouth of the Congo River. In July 1964 Tshombe became prime minister and ordered Gizenga's release, though he was placed under house arrest in October. Mobutu seized power in a coup in November 1965, thereby freeing Gizenga. He fled to the Brazzaville-based Republic of the Congo, though he soon settled in Moscow to pursue a doctorate in political science.
Antoine Gizenga Gizenga delegated his duties as Secretary-General of PALU to Remy Mayele on 14 September 2007.
Antoine Gizenga Antoine Gizenga (born 5 October 1925) is a Congolese (DRC) politician who was Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 30 December 2006 to 10 October 2008. He is the Secretary-General of the Unified Lumumbist Party ("Parti Lumumbiste Unifié", PALU).