Top 10 similar words or synonyms for anticlerical

centralist    0.776145

anticlericalism    0.771336

clericalism    0.761683

ultramontane    0.752478

communistic    0.751477

antidemocratic    0.748925

militantly    0.738399

antireligious    0.736521

militarist    0.733526

intransigent    0.733012

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for anticlerical

Article Example
Constitution of Mexico Presidents Venustiano Carranza (1917-1920) and Alvaro Obregón (1920-1924) did not implement the anticlerical articles of the constitution, which was the stance that Porfirio Díaz had taken with the anticlerical articles of the 1857 Constitution and the Catholic Church.
Joan Comorera In the summer of 1913 he founded the anticlerical magazine "La Escuela" in Cervera.
Jean-Louis Dubut de Laforest He was called "an anticlerical and obscene novelist" by a conservative critic.
Calotte (Belgium) In the French-speaking part of Belgium "calotte" is mentioned in the following anticlerical song:
Anticlericalism and Freemasonry The Mexican government's anticlerical stance after the Mexican Revolution coincided with a succession of presidents who were "Masons and strongly anticlerical". Even recent President Vicente Fox stated, "After 1917, Mexico was led by anti-Catholic Freemasons who tried to evoke the anticlerical spirit of popular indigenous President Benito Juarez of the 1880s. But the military dictators of the 1920s were a more savage lot than Juarez."
Without Dogma Currently, "Bez dogmatu" serves as a name for a Polish anticlerical quarterly magazine established in 1993.
Anti-clericalism Colombia enacted anticlerical legislation and its enforcement during more than three decades (1849–84).
Yves Le Febvre Yves Le Febvre, (December 24, 1874 - January 21, 1959), was a leftist and anticlerical Breton writer and politician.
Anticlericalism and Freemasonry Whether Freemasonry is Anticlerical often depends on how one defines Anticlericalism and what branch of Freemasonry one is talking about.
European History Quarterly Maria Thomas, 'The faith and the fury: The construction of anticlerical collective identities in early twentieth-century Spain'.