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Li Anqi It is not known when Li Anqi was born. He came from a line of famed officials, as his grandfather Li Delin served as a high-level official under Emperor Wen of Sui, and his father Li Baiyao served as an official of both Sui Dynasty and its successor Tang Dynasty. Li Baiyao also completed the "Book of Northern Qi", the official history of Northern Qi, the dynasty under which Li Delin started his career, which Li Delin started.
Xu Anqi Xu Anqi (; born 23 January 1992) is a female Chinese épée fencer. She won the gold medal in the women's team épée event at the 2012 Summer Olympics with Li Na, Luo Xiaojuan and Sun Yujie.
Bai Anqi Bai is coached by Shi Xiaoming and Xu Guoyi in swimming. She currently swims in the Zhejiang Province Swimming Team, and swims backstroke. She swims in the women's 200m backstroke event in swimming. She did not qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, after finishing in nineteenth position in the qualifiers, with a time of 2:11.26. She was three positions away from qualifying for the 200m backstroke event at the London Olympic Games, but, reached the highest position for a Chinese swimmer in the qualifiers of this event. It took her 31.02 seconds to reach the 50 metre mark, 1:04.51 to reach the one hundred metre mark, 1 minute 37.88 seconds to reach the 150 mark, then 2:11:26 to finish the qualifiers. In the qualifying heats, she was sixth position in her heat, but could not qualify. Her reaction time in the qualifying heat was 0.54 seconds.
Anqi Sheng Anqi Sheng () was a Chinese immortal and wizard, said to be already over 1,000 years old at the time of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor.
Anqi Sheng Anqi holds an important place in the Taiqing and Shangqing Schools.
Ju Anqi Ju said his "artistic enlightenment" were from the Japanese writer Kōbō Abe and French writer Albert Camus, however, his works are "influenced by existentialism".
Li Anqi It was said that Li Anqi had the ability to find talented people. Around 667, on one occasion, Emperor Gaozong rebuked his officials for not recommending talented people to be officials. Most of the officials were silent and unable to defend themselves, but Li responded:
Li Anqi Emperor Gaozong agreed, and he soon made Li the deputy head of the examination bureau again (now with the title of "Dong Tai Shilang" (東臺侍郎), as the examination bureau had been renamed "Dong Tai" (東臺)), and in summer 667 gave him the designation "Tong Dong Xi Tai Sapin" (同東西臺三品), making him a chancellor "de facto". However, four months later, he was no longer chancellor, as he was sent to serve as the secretary general at Jing Prefecture (荊州, roughly modern Jingzhou, Hubei). He did not appear to have returned to central government service, and he was said to have died early in Emperor Gaozong's "Xianheng" era (670-674).
Tang Anqi Tang Anqi (唐安琪) is a Chinese singer and a member of Team NII of the Chinese idol girl group SNH48.
Tang Anqi On March 1, 2016, she suffered severe burn injuries on 80% of her body due to a fire in a cafe near the Wanda Plaza, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China. As of April 2016, she is regularly undergoing surgeries and skin grafts. At first, news sources reported that she lit herself on fire but recent sources are saying that someone else did in an act of attempted murder.It was later confirmed that she was covered in oil and set on fire; it is believed the perpetrator is a fan named "Miyamoto" a girl who is the leader of one of Tang AnQi's larger fanclubs, although no arrest has been made as of 14 September 2016.