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El Mergis Between El Mergis and Anoole, on the east side of the Juba River, one can get there by wooden boats on the river operated by river bank farmers. From the river crossing area, Anoole and Hareeri about 40KM. These two villages are furthermost villages in southeastern Gedo.
Kurmaan Kurman lies just west of the Bardera Airport, alongside the Juba River. Gedo Regions Highway 3 cuts through Kurman. Next main town on the road towards Sakow of Middle Juba is Anoole village.
Bardera District Major agricultural and pastoral towns and villages in Bardera District include: Bardera, Fafahdhun, Sarinley, Aminey, Anoole, Hareeri, Gerileey, Sidimo, Uar Esgudud, El Mergis, Hurena, Kurman, Dar Moalim, Faanwayen and Darul Salaam,
Hareeri Hareeri is a small village in Bardera District located in Gedo Region of Somalia. The village of Hareeri lies 7 km southeast of Anoole town near the district borders between Diinsoor of Bay Region and Sakow of Middle Juba Region. Hareeri Village coordinates are (2.88 N, 42 E).
El Mergis The closest airport is Bardera Airport with a distance of 56.1 mi (or 90.3 km) north-east of the centre of El Mergis. There are numerous villages in Bardera District from all around Bardera City and most lay down south towards Anoole and Hareeri east of Juba River while west side has less villages and main ones are Fafahdhun, El Mergis and Uar Esgudud.
Muaskar Anole Muaskar Anole (Anole School) also known as Anoole, Caanole, Mu'askar Anole, Mucaskarka Caanoole, Caanoole Mu'askar, Mucaskarka al-Furqan, al-Furqan Camp or al-Furqan Forces was an Islamist militia in Somalia. The group participated in the 2006-2009 insurgency against Ethiopia and in January 2009 merged with the Asmara based wing of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia, led by Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, the Ras Kamboni Brigade, led by Sheikh Hassan Abdullah Hersi al-Turki and Jabhatul Islamiya to form Hizbul Islam which became the second most powerful insurgent group (after al-Shabaab) in Somalia which continued fighting the TFG and AMISOM peacekeepers, after Ethiopian withdrawal. Little is known about the group.