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Ani-Mator The Ani-Mator appeared in "New Mutants" vol. 1 #59-60 (January-February 1988), and was created by Louise Simonson and Bret Blevins.
Ani-Mator During the fight with the Right troopers, Animus broke free and procured a gun. He attempted to shoot and kill Wolfsbane, whom - due to her shape-shifting power - he considered too valuable a specimen to be captured by the Right. But as he fired, he instead hit and killed Cypher, who had pushed Rahne out of the way. In retaliation, Magik exiled the Ani-Mator to the dimension of Limbo, although she originally threatened to shoot Ani-Mator with his own gun until being talked down by Wolfsbane. There he was captured by S'ym, transferred into a demon of living circuitry, and forced to serve in S'yms army. Bird-Brain stayed on the island to help his animal friends.
Ani-Mator The Ani-Mator received an entry in the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89" #1.
Ani-Mator The Ani-Mator (Dr. Frederick Animus) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
Ani-Mator Dr. Frederick Animus was a geneticist employed by a university conducting medical research. Instead, he concentrated on research of mutation. When he falsified reports on the effectiveness of medication, several people died. The university investigated him, fired him, and he was sent to jail for his negligence. It was there he met Cameron Hodge.
Ani-Mator Taking the name Ani-Mator, he was employed as a geneticist by Cameron Hodge's organization The Right to research a means of stopping the process that creates mutants. When the Right set him up on a deserted island in the North Atlantic, which he called Paradise, Dr. Animus instead created a race of "Ani-Mates" through gene slicing and selective breeding, which combined the characteristics of human beings and other animals, intending them to be a slave race for humanity.
Ani-Mator One of the Ani-Mates, Bird-Brain, escaped the Paradise island and ultimately befriends the New Mutants. The New Mutants returned to the island with Bird-Brain to stop the mad scientist's experiments. They succeeded in defeating Animus' creations, but right afterwards they were captured by Hodge and agents of The Right, who had become suspicious of the doctor's activities. Bird-Brain subsequently rallied the surviving Ani-Mates to help rescue his human friends.
The Fall of the Mutants The New Mutants (Cannonball, Cypher, Magik, Mirage, Sunspot, Warlock, and Wolfsbane) head off to visit their friend Bird-Brain on his remote island. There, they quickly discover that Bird-Brain's creator, the Ani-Mator, is creating more semi-sentient creatures (the Ani-Mates), which he mistreats and experiments on. As the team attempts to free them, the anti-mutant organization known as The Right tracks them down and attacks. During the three-pronged battle, Cypher is shot and killed, taking a bullet meant for Wolfsbane. Eventually, Bird-Brain defeats the Ani-Mator and becomes king of the Ani-Mates, and Magik teleports the Right's soldiers, along with the Ani-Mator himself, to Limbo. They then return home, where Magneto (headmaster of the Xavier School in Professor X's absence) blames humanity for Cypher's death. Disgusted, the team quits Magneto's tutelage, while deciding to stay dedicated to Professor X's dream of peace.
Bird-Brain Bird-Brain develops relatively close relationships with Cypher (who is fascinated by Bird-Brain's language) and Wolfsbane for her changeling ability, through which he sees her as a kindred spirit, and her general kindness to him. Feeling he had abandoned the other mutated creatures on the island, Bird-Brain eventually returns with the New Mutants to free them. The Ani-Mator, attempting to shoot Wolfsbane, instead kills Cypher, and Magik exiles the Ani-Mator to the dimension of Limbo in retaliation. Once freed from the Ani-Mator's tyranny, Bird-Brain decides to remain on the island with the other Ani-Mates.
Cypher (Marvel Comics) After the team rescues a humanoid bird creature named Bird-Brain, Doug is initially jealous of Rahne's affection for him, but after Doug manages to understand and translate the creature's language, he and Rahne bond with Bird-Brain. When Bird-Brain sets out to free the other mutants who are enslaved by a geneticist working for Cameron Hodge named the Ani-Mator, the New Mutants follow him. Though the Ani-Mator is defeated, he fatally shoots Doug, who takes a bullet intended for Rahne.