Top 10 similar words or synonyms for andoreneil

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for andoreneil

Article Example
When Darkness Falls The main army departs as Jermayan takes Keirasti back to her unit and then moves on to inform Kellen of the now-sprung trap. Kellen informs Jermayan of Andoreneil's illness and asks that Cilarnen, Idalia, and Vestakia be brought to assist the king and see if any Shadowed Elves remain. Unfortunately, the Wild Magic isn't strong enough to directly cure Andoreneil, but a combination of treatments seems to help.
When Darkness Falls Andoreneil gives Redhelwar a Viceroy's ring giving his autonomy and the authority to refuse the king's orders if he see fit. The army moves towards Armethaleih encountering refugees they send to Elven lands and Demon attacks along the way. Cilarnen negotiates with the land ward Elementals to get another Elemental to assist him when he crosses the borders and spends as much time as possible working on a plan with the Unicorn Knights.
When Darkness Falls Kellen charges Cilarnen with devising a way to open communications with Armethaleih to form an alliance and create the spells to protect Halacira. Vestakia learns through her dreams and counseling with Ancadalar, the Queen of Shadow Mountain's plans for He Who Is. Though a simple riddle game and a scrying spell, Kellen, Jermayan, and Idalia learn of the bargain Vielissar Farcarinon made to seal He Who Is during the last Shadow War. Idalia specifically learns the Great Working she'll need to cast, but lacks the consent of all the races of the Light which is required. Fortunately, Andoreneil has recovered enough to point her to the banners in his council chamber which are magically bound promises of all the races to serve in the time of need. Jermayan and Ancadalar take her to a Place of Power in the far north where she summons the Starry Hunt, the Powers that the Elves followed during their continual internal wars before the Endarkened first appeared. Their arrival in the world restores the waning of the Wild Mage and closes the door on He Who Is, though doesn't lock it.
When Darkness Falls All of the races send their highest-ranking members to Idalia's funeral and many speak of her. Even Lycaelon gives a nominal eulogy, though Kellen declines to do so himself. Cilarnen approaches him afterwards and tells him of the progress he has made in reforming the City. Andoreneil asks to see Kellen in regards to the Fortress of the Crowned Horns. Kellen is to go and inform them of the end of the war and that they may return to their homes. When he, Vestakia, and Shalkan arrive, they find Ancadalar sunning himself on the rocks. Jermayan is inside with Ashaniel, the Elven Queen. Her new baby girl who was born with violet eyes and a silvery eight-pointed star birthmark on her chest. The Wild Magic's gift; Idalia reborn. When he leaves the fortress, Kellen realizes it was over a year ago he was rescued by Shalkan outside the City Gates. Kellen leaves the fortress hand in hand with Vestakia, and with a little prodding from the now-distant unicorn, Kellen kisses her.