Top 10 similar words or synonyms for andern

unseres    0.895460

nebst    0.889967

philosophischen    0.885445

teutschen    0.884505

ihren    0.884383

ihres    0.883606

begriffe    0.881300

welche    0.879983

ihrem    0.877525

verschiedene    0.875489

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for andern

Article Example
Franz Bucher Xylon 78, Kunstmappe der Vereinigung Xylon, Holzschnitte, zusammen mit andern,
Franz Bucher Ohne Worte, Aquatinta, zusammen mit andern, hrsg. v. Kanton Zug (Kantonsschule), Zug 1975
Franz Bucher Xylon 82 Kunstmappe der Vereinigung Xylon, Holzschnitte, zusammen mit andern, hrsg. v. der Xylon, Zürich 1982
Franz Bucher Bergtektonik IV, Aquatinta-Radierung, in: Mappe für Geny Hotz von seinen Freunden, zusammen mit andern,
Franz Bucher Xylon, Holzschnittmappe Bodensee, zusammen mit andern, hrsg. v. der Xylon, Bern 2007
Different from the Others "Anders als die Andern" is one of the first sympathetic portrayals of homosexuals in the cinema. The film's basic plot was used again in the 1961 UK film, "Victim", starring Dirk Bogarde. Censorship laws enacted in reaction to films like "Anders als die Andern" eventually restricted viewing of this movie to doctors and medical researchers, and prints of the film were among the many "decadent" works burned by the Nazis after they came to power in 1933.
Johann Egger Egger wrote only one scientific papers Egger, J. 1856. Neue Dipteren-Gattungen und Arten aus der Familie der Tachinarien und Dexiarien nebst einigen andern dipterologischen "Bemerkungen. Verh. Zool-Bot. Ges. Wien" 6: 383-92 but this is an important reference.
Imperial Eagle beaker "one must invite merry men / and good friends round / to wipe the dust off the Roman Empire and other drinking lords (? vnd andern Sauff Lauxen )/ and so encourage merry revelling and drinking parties."
Tagebuch einer Verlorenen (book) A five-act stage play based on "Tagebuch einer Verlorenen" was authored by Wolf von Metzlch-Schilbach. It was published in 1906. Performances of the play were banned in some German cities. In 1906, a parody of Böhme’s book was also published. Rudolf Felseck’s "Tagebuch einer andern Verlorenen, Auch von einer Toten" featured a similar title and a look-alike design.
Johann Gildemeister With historian Heinrich von Sybel, he was the author of ""Der heilige Rock zu Trier und die zwanzig andern heiligen ungenähten Röcke", a controversial work that argued against the authenticity of the Holy Coat of Trier. Other noted publications by Gildemeister include: