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rivarolese    0.870223

mestrina    0.858130

sestrese    0.856755

bagnolese    0.848434

trevigliese    0.846534

derthona    0.832768

manzanese    0.831738

novese    0.829284

sanremese    0.827701

fermana    0.818981

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1925–26 Prima Divisione Anconitana was declared Marche's champion. Both teams were admitted to the Southern League semifinals. Anconitana also qualified to the National Division.
1946–47 Serie B Biellese relegated to Serie C while Anconitana was re-admitted to Serie B.
1923–24 Prima Divisione Anconitana was the only registered team and advanced directly Southern Italy Semifinals.
1946–47 Serie B Pisa was saved while Anconitana qualified for the Northern Italy relegation play-off.
1922–23 Prima Divisione Anconitana was the only subscribed team and advanced directly to the semifinals.
March (territorial entity) From the Carolingian period onwards the name "marca" begins to appear in Italy, first the Marca Fermana for the mountainous part of Picenum, the Marca Camerinese for the district farther north, including a part of Umbria, and the Marca Anconitana for the former Pentapolis (Ancona). In 1080, the "marca Anconitana" was given in investiture to Robert Guiscard by Pope Gregory VII, to whom the Countess Matilda ceded the marches of Camerino and Fermo.
Carlo Annovazzi Throughout his club career, Annovazzi played for A.C. Milan, Atalanta, Anconitana, Pro Patria and Città di Castello. He made his Serie A debut with Milan in a 1–1 away draw against Modena on 16 December 1945.
Pietro Pianta Born in Pontelongo, in 1958 Pietro Pianta played as a goalkeeper for Calcio Padova, Anconitana, Atalanta B.C., U.S. Cremonese and Vicenza Calcio. After his playing career, he had a career as a goalkeeper coach in Calcio Como and U.S. Cremonese.
Bruno Chizzo Born in Udine, Chizzo played in the 1930s and 1940s for Triestina, Milan A.C., Genoa, Anconitana, and Udinese. He played 195 matches in Serie A and scored 18 goals.
U.S. Ancona 1905 The origins of football in Ancona go back to 1905 when was founded "Unione Sportiva Anconitana", changing its name to "Ancona Calcio" in 1982 and being refounded in 2004 as Associazione Calcio Ancona.In the summer 2010, the club failed to join Serie B or any of the lower divisions and filed for bankruptcy.