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Anaphalis Anaphalis is a genus of flowering plants within the Asteraceae family, whose members are commonly known by the name pearl or pearly everlasting. There are around 110 species with the vast majority being native to central and southern Asia. There is one species native to North America that is fairly well known and popular in cultivation, namely the western pearly everlasting ("Anaphalis margaritacea").
Anaphalis The name probably derives from the common practice of drying the flowers and stems for decorations through winter months. This plant was used extensively by Native Americans for a variety of medicinal purposes.
Anaphalis Two of the species, "A. javanica" and "A. longifolia" can be found on mountainsides on the Island of Java in Indonesia. "Anaphalis javanica", also known as the Javanese Edelweiss, is currently an endangered species.
Anaphalis triplinervis Anaphalis triplinervis is an Asian species of flowering herbaceous perennial plant in the sunflower family, native to the Himalayas (Tibet, Afghanistan, northern India, Nepal, Bhutan). Grey-green felted leaves produce sprays of small white flower heads.
Anaphalis javanica Known as "bunga abadi" in Indonesian, literally means eternal flower, this plant is popular among tourists. Dried flowers are often sold as souvenirs. This could lead to the destruction of the wild grown species. In the Bromo-Tengger region in East Java this plant is considered extinct. This species is constantly decreasing in number and is currently protected in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.