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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for amrom

Article Example
Amrom Harry Katz Between 1954 and 1969 he worked for the RAND corporation in Santa Monica, California.
Amrom Harry Katz Amrom Harry Katz (August 15, 1915 – February 10, 1997) was an American physicist who specialized in aerial reconnaissance.
Amrom Harry Katz Katz developed methods for aerial reconnaissance supported by space satellites. His work was used by military intelligence, and for locating disaster victims.
ARO The company Amrom Automotive 2006 was negotiating with ARO creditors to purchase the company from bankruptcy, and plans to resume production of the ARO line of vehicles under the ARO name at the Câmpulung factory.
Memory management controller The A*ROM MMC, named after the AMROM, ANROM, and AOROM cartridge boards that use it, was developed by Chris Stamper of Rare Ltd., and manufactured by Nintendo. It is found in games developed by Rare for Nintendo, Tradewest, GameTek, Acclaim, and Milton Bradley. It uses 32 KB ROM switch and a CHR RAM. Unlike other chips, it uses one screen mirroring.
Talking Gravestones of Amrum "Blessedly, Harck Olufs was born on Amrom on July 19 in the year 1708. While still in his youth he was captured by Turkish pirates from Algiers on 24 March 1724. He was enslaved and served the Turkish bey in Constantine as Casnadaye, for eleven and one-fourth years, until the bey, out of consideration for his work, granted him freedom. On 25 April in the year 1736 he reached his fatherland again. The following year was united in holy matrimony with Antje Harken, and they had five children, one son and four daughters. All survived the death of their father on 13 October in the year 1754, after 46 years and 13 weeks of life."