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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for amphos

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MetTrans 3-year PhD fellowship. Host organisation: Amphos 21 Consulting SL.
Murine leukemia virus Endogenous MLVs are integrated into the host's germ line and are passed from one generation to the next. Stoye and Coffin have classified them into four categories by host specificity, determined by the genomic sequence of their envelope region. The "ecotropic" MLVs (from Gr."eco", "Home") are capable of infecting mouse cells in culture. "Non-ecotropic" MLVs may be "xenotropic" (from "xenos", "foreign", infecting non-mouse species), "polytropic" or "modified polytropic" (infecting a range of hosts including mice). Among the latter MLVs are amphotropic viruses (Gr. amphos, “both”) that can infect both mouse cells and cells of other animal species. These terms and descriptions for the MLV biologic classification were initially introduced by Levy. Different strains of mice may have different numbers of endogenous retroviruses, and new viruses may arise as the result of recombination of endogenous sequences.