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Robert Ameerali Robert Ameerali (born 16 August 1961) is a Surinamese politician who was the Vice President of Suriname from 2010 to 2015. Previously he was the chairman of the "Kamer van Koophandel en Fabrieken", or Chamber of Commerce. He was nominated by the General Liberation and Development Party (Algemene Bevrijdings- en Ontwikkelingspartij, ABOP), which was founded and is still chaired by ex-rebel leader and convict Ronnie Brunswijk. He was inaugurated as Vice President on 12 August 2010.
Ram Sardjoe He was succeeded as vice president by Robert Ameerali and was vice president under half of Robert Venetiaan's rule.
Dési Bouterse On July 19, 2010, Bouterse was elected as President of Suriname with 36 of the 51 votes; he was installed to the office on August 12, 2010. His running mate was the current Vice President of Suriname, Robert Ameerali.
General Liberation and Development Party At the 2010 legislative election, the party was a component in "A-Combination", a political alliance that won 4.7% of the popular vote and seven out of 51 seats in the National Assembly. Of these seven seats, three went to the ABOP. The current Vice President of Suriname, Robert Ameerali, is member of the ABOP.
Nieuw Nickerie The main industries are bananas and rice. The town contains a market and several hotels, including the Hotel Ameerali, Hotel de President, Hotel Tropical, Hotel de Vesting and Residence Inn. The only Surinamese hospital outside of Paramaribo, Lachmipersad Mungra Regional Hospital Nickerie, is located on the Annastraat in Nieuw-Nickerie.