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itaipu    0.705515

bakun    0.702913

bansagar    0.700247

caliraya    0.688037

audam    0.675478

indirasagar    0.672241

ohakuri    0.664191

angat    0.663774

embalse    0.663559

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Ambuklao Dam SNAP-Benguet began a massive rehabilitation project that restored Ambuklao to operating status and increased its capacity from 75 MW to 105 MW. The project required the construction of a new intake, headrace and penstock, elevation of tailrace tunnel outlet, de-silting of tailrace tunnel and replacement of electro-mechanical components. In June 2011, Unit 3 became the first turbine unit to go on-line, followed by the other two units. Ambuklao was formally inaugurated in October 2011.
Ambuklao Dam In July 1990, a massive earthquake hit Luzon, resulting in siltation and technical problems that affected the plant’s operations. Ambuklao was eventually decommissioned in 1999.
Ambuklao Dam SN Aboitiz Power-Benguet, Inc. (SNAP-Benguet) won on November 28, 2007 the public bid for Ambuklao and its neighboring power facility Binga, which were sold as a package under the power sector privatization program of the Philippine government. SNAP-Benguet is a joint venture between SN Power of Norway, and AboitizPower.
Ambuklao Dam Ambuklao Dam is part of a hydroelectric facility in Brgy. Ambuklao, Bokod, Benguet province in the Philippines. The development of the Agno River for purposes of hydroelectric power generation, flood control, and irrigation had been conceived as early as the late 1940s. Preliminary investigations for development at Ambuklao and Binga Dam sites were undertaken as early as January 1948. With maximum water storage capacity of , the facility, which is located from Baguio city, can produce up to 105 megawatts of electricity to Luzon grid. The main source of water comes from the Agno River which originates from Mt. Data.
Ambuklao Dam The dam and other non-power components are owned by the government through the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).
Ambuklao Dam The Ambuklao Hydroelectric Power Plant is one of the oldest power plants in the country and was among the first large hydroelectric power plants constructed in the Philippines. Running along the upper portion of the Agno River, Ambuklao Hydro was constructed for power generation and flood control.
Ambuklao Dam Ambuklao is designed as a peaking plant and is capable of delivering energy and providing ancillary services needed to stabilize the grid.
Angat Dam In comparison, Ipo Dam, which is downstream from Angat dam, has three gates and the 100.8 meters is its normal high water level. Ambuklao dam on the other hand, has two gates with the normal high water level (NHWL) of 752 meters. Binga dam which sits downstream from Ambuklao has three gates and the NHWL of 575 meters. San Roque dam, which was receiving water from Ambuklao and Binga, has the NHWL of 280 meters.
Agno River The river has three hydroelectric plants: Binga Dam in Itogon, Benguet (29 km upstream); Ambuklao Dam in Bokod, Benguet (37 km upstream) and the San Roque Dam in San Manuel, Pangasinan. Binga has been operational since 1960 and Ambuklao since 1956.
Binga Dam The dam was constructed in August 1956 and opened in May 1960, three years after its sister facility Ambuklao Dam. It is located southeast of Baguio City and downstream of Ambuklao Dam. Improvement of the dam is ongoing for it had received heavy damage during the 1990 Luzon earthquake, and its installed capacity of 100 MW is being upgraded to 140MW.