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ambrym    0.842576

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onotoa    0.783145

penama    0.771150

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East Ambae language Object enclitics occur when attached to the predicate head or last adverb in a verb phrase. These only occur in singular forms and all 3rd person forms.
East Ambae language In Ambae there are four different pronominal forms, one set of free forms, independent pronouns and three sets of bound forms, subject proclitics, object enclitics and possessive suffixes. All sets of pronominals distinguish between singular, dual and plural and between inclusive and exclusive in the first person. Independent pronouns are preceded by the personal article when the head of a noun phrase.
East Ambae language North-East Ambae distinguishes 5 vowels and 16 consonants, shown in the tables below.
East Ambae language The subject proclitic is the first part of a verb phrase and can attach to an aspect, mood, negative particle or verb head. Dual forms cliticise to the marker ru. In Lolovoli, "no=" is applied when cliticised in 1st person exclusive singular.
East Ambae language East Ambae (also known as "Omba", "Oba", "Aoba", "Walurigi", "Lolovoli", "Northeast Aoba", and "Northeast Ambae") is an Oceanic language spoken on Ambae, Vanuatu. The data in this article will concern itself with the Lolovoli dialect of the North-East Ambae language.
East Ambae language Possessive suffixes are attached to the head noun in a direct possessive construction, or a relational classifier in an indirect possessive construction.
West Ambae language West Ambae (also known as Duidui and Opa) is an Oceanic language spoken on Ambae, Vanuatu. Recognized dialects of West Ambae include Walaha and Nduindui (Duindui). The New Testament was published in West Ambae in 1984.
Aoba Island Ambae has a population of less than 11,000, divided into 3-4 discernible language groups (North/East Ambae language centered on the Lombaha area, West Ambae language centered on Nduindui, and South Ambae language centered on Redcliffe). The island has no considerable towns, though the Penama provincial center is located at Saratamata on East Ambae.
Bali Ha'i "Bali Ha'i" was based on the real island of Ambae (formerly Aoba Island). Ambae is located in Vanuatu (known as New Hebrides at the time the song was written).
Longana Longana is a village located on the eastern part of Ambae island in Penama Province, Vanuatu.