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Altenstadt, Hesse Altenstadt is a municipality in the district Wetteraukreis, in Hesse, Germany. It is situated in the Nidder valley, approx. 27 kilometers north-east of Frankfurt am Main
Altenstadt, Hesse Altenstadt was part of the Limes, the former border of the Roman Empire, that passes through the town. According to excavations, Altenstadt was a Roman garrison in the first half of the second century.
Altenstadt, Hesse The Lutheran missionary Georg Heinrich Schwarz was born in Höchst an der Nidder in 1868. He laboured in the Cape Bedford Mission, North Queensland, Australia, for 55 years. The anniversary of his arrival is still celebrated there each year in September and known as Muni Day.
Altenstadt (Feldkirch) Altenstadt is a district of Feldkirch, a city in the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg. In Altenstadt is the biggest and most important school of Feldkirch. The church was removed in the 1960s. Next to the church is a big abbey. In the east of Altensadt is the 751m high hill Amberg.
Altenstadt, Hesse The first documented mention of Altenstadt took place only in the year 767, which makes Altenstadt the oldest municipality of Upper Hesse.
Altenstadt, Hesse One of the inhabitants of Altenstadt was the justice inspector Friedrich Kellner, who alternated his work-week between Laubach and Altenstadt during World War II. Kellner recorded the misdeeds of the Nazis in a ten-volume diary which was on display in 2005 at the George Bush Presidential Library. A Canadian documentary, , was produced in 2006.
Altenstadt, Swabia Altenstadt is a municipality in the district of Neu-Ulm in Bavaria in Germany.
Altenstadt Air Base Altenstadt Air Base (German: "Heeresflugplatz Altenstadt", ICAO: ETHA) is located approximately northeast of the Upper Bavarian municipality of Altenstadt, Bavaria, Germany. The air base is operated by the German Army Aviation Corps.
Von Schmidt auf Altenstadt He was married to the former Lillian Thordsen with whom he had three daughters. As there was no son and heir the baronial line of Schmidt von Altenstadt became extinct in 1944.
Altenstadt, Upper Bavaria A significant sight is the Romanesque basilica minor of St. Michael with remains of medieval wall painting and several examples of Romanesque sculpture.