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Alresford (Hampshire) railway station Opened in October 1865 for the new Alton, Alresford and Winchester Railway which later became the first incarnation of the Mid-Hants Railway, the station later joined the London and South Western Railway. It was absorbed as part of that into the Southern Railway during the Grouping of 1923. The station then passed on to the Southern Region of British Railways upon nationalisation in 1948, and was then closed by the British Railways Board in February 1973.
Alresford (Hampshire) railway station In official literature it is shown as Alresford (Hampshire) in order to distinguish it from the station of the same name in Essex.
Alresford (Hampshire) railway station The station reopened on 30 April 1977 as the western terminus of the Mid Hants Watercress Railway, a heritage railway. Alongside the station a goods shed was built which is now used as a shop, as well as meeting facilities and tourist facilities for the Mid Hants Watercress Railway. Adjacent to the station is a large warehouse which was built in 1873 for trading agricultural produce. This warehouse is now used for offices. The buffet building is the old station building from Lyme Regis in Dorset, which was dismantled and rebuilt here.
Alresford (Hampshire) railway station Following the closure of the route between and , the line from Alresford eastwards to Alton has been reopened in preservation, but the section west of Alresford has not. It is unlikely that the line will ever be re-extended towards Winchester, because the M3 motorway and new houses have been built at various points along the former route.
Alresford (Hampshire) railway station Both platforms have been extended to hold four-coach trains plus the 'Cattle Dock' is used particularly during steam locomotive gala exhibitions as platform 1A, holding a two-coach train when not otherwise used.
Alresford (Hampshire) railway station Alresford railway station ( or ) in Hampshire, England, is the terminus of the Watercress Line from Alton. It is in the small town of New Alresford, 7½ miles (12 km) northeast of Winchester, close to the town's market square, tea rooms, many small shops and museum.
George Smoker Smoker died in Alresford, Hampshire on 23 May 1925.
Thomas Frederick Onslow Onslow died at New Alresford, Hampshire on 15 July 1883.
Fred Appleyard Lived at Itchen Stoke, near Alresford, Hampshire, and died there 22 February 1963.
Donald McCowen McCowen lived at Bighton Manor, Alresford, Hampshire, and died in Bermuda at the age of 90.