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Aloysius Pang Pang started acting at the age on nine, and starred in children's drama titled Xiao Fei Ren (1999), Bukit Ho Swee (2002), The Adventures of BBT (2002), A Child's Hope (2002), I Love My Home (2004) etc. He was also once nominated for his role as Ding Wei Liang for his role in A Child's Hope in Star Awards 2003 for the Young Talent Award. He studied in Yuying Secondary School, and at the age of 14, he stopped acting due to teasing. Later on, he graduated from Singapore Institute of Management University in 2012.
Aloysius Pang In 2012, Pang made his comeback by starring as the lead role in the Singapore Film "Timeless Love", which was directed by Lim Koong Hwee and Singaporean celebrity Dasmond Koh, which led to him gaining in popularity. Pang made his directorial debut in 2014 by directing the music video of Singapore-based Singer Gavin Teo's "I Understand" (我懂了), in which Xu Bin and Kimberly Chia starred.
Aloysius Pang Pang released his first single, "Black Tears" (黑色眼泪) in 2015. It was also announced that Pang would star in Singapore's first cosplay-themed movie, "Young & Fabulous", together with Joshua Tan and Joyce Chu.
Aloysius Pang He was a former child actor, but later gained fame through the Singaporean film "Timeless Love" directed by Lim Koong Hwee and Singaporean celebrity Dasmond Koh. Pang has an official fan club called Pangsters and one of the 8 Dukes in Mediacorp.He joined Singaporean celebrity Dasmond Koh company FrozenAge along with Xu Bin in 2015.
Aloysius Pang Aloysius Pang Wei Chong (; born August 24, 1990), is a Singaporean actor and MediaCorp artiste managed by NoonTalk Media.