Top 10 similar words or synonyms for alkeny

akenyl    0.888638

alkyenyl    0.883354

alkylalkenyl    0.875412

alkynylsulfenyl    0.865204

cycloallyl    0.862631

cycloalky    0.852114

alkyloxyl    0.850326

alkylnyl    0.846998

allynyl    0.845600

ethynylsulfanyl    0.842967

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for alkeny

Article Example
Zaireeka Critical reaction to "Zaireeka" was polarized. Josh Kun of "Rolling Stone" wrote that the album's "wall-of-surround-sound approach melds droning-rock dissonance with warped, off-kilter pop melodies, producing a totally immersing post-"Pet Sounds" audio séance." Jason Alkeny of AllMusic stated that the album would only really be accessible to hardcore Flaming Lips fans, but that "they're in for the musical experience of a lifetime".
Mort Garson Following the success of the original "Zodiac" LP, Garson went on to compose and arrange a 12 album series of zodiac albums for A&M Records, one album for each sign. Like "Zodiac", each album contained original tunes with heavy use of electronics. In 1971, he composed an entirely instrumental electronic "Black Mass" album, released on Uni Records under the pseudonym Lucifer, that again featured the Moog. Jason Alkeny at Allmusic describes the "Black Mass" album as "undoubtedly... his masterpiece". Garson also released, in 1972, a record of music-and-moans to capitalize on the best-seller at the time, "The Sensuous Woman" by "Z". In 1974, he composed the electronic music score for the 18th Annual Grammy Award winning Best Children's Recording of "The Little Prince" narrated by Richard Burton. The following year, he released an album titled "Ataraxia: The Unexplained" designed to accompany meditations to the mantra of the listener's choice. "Mother Earth's Plantasia", which was released in 1976, was an album of Moog compositions to be played for growing plants.