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Aligaz of Yejju Further once Tekle Giyorgis was safely out of the picture, his puppet Emperor Hezqeyas met with "Abuna" Yosab and "Ichege" Wolde Iyasus where all agreed that they would "not submit to the Galla" -- a clear reference to either Aligaz or his family; the "Royal Chronicle" records that later that year a battle was fought near Gondar where the Emperor and the two leaders of the Ethiopian church were defeated. "And on the coming of the Galla all that was what was done."
Aligaz of Yejju Aligaz of Yejju (died 1803) was a "Ras" of Begemder, and "Inderase" (regent) of the Emperor of Ethiopia. He was the son of Abba Seru Gwangul and brother of Ali I of Yejju; he became both "Ras" and "Inderase" following Ali's death. Aligaz had four sons: Dejazmach Birru, Dejazmach Gobeze, Dejazmach Faris, and Dejazmach Gojjee.
Aligaz of Yejju Tekle Giyorgis, however, was not Aligaz's only problem. For much of the first year of Hezqeyas' rule Aligaz could not directly intervene to support this emperor because he had his hands full consolidating his own position amongst the Yejju, which included the opposition from members of his own family such as "Dejazmach" Alula, the "Fitawrari" Sadiq, and the "Jantirar" Yasufe. Crummey records a tradition that Aligaz had wronged his sister Kafay, an injury which might help to explain the apparent conflict between Aligaz and his nephews Gugsa and Alula, for whom he generally appears to be their primary patron.
Aligaz of Yejju He fought and killed Wolde Gabriel, the son of "Ras" Mikael Sehul in the Battle of Madab in 1788. Although that battle immediately restored Tekle Giyorgis as sole Emperor, "Ras" Ali's death shortly after the battle passed the post of "Inderase" to Aligaz, who then supported Hezqeyas as Emperor, leaving Tekle Giyorgis to "hang in the wind". Despite lacking any effective base of support, Tekle Giyorgis remained a thorn in Aligaz's side for the following years, even releasing his kindred from the Imperial prison at Wehni in 1789. Aligaz eventually gets control of Tekle Giyorgis when, after two years of living as a "shifta", the Emperor came to Aligaz seeking his support but instead was imprisoned at Emakina.
Aligaz of Yejju Then, in an attempt to overthrow Aligaz, Haile Wand Bewossen freed Tekle Giyorgis in 1793, after the Emperor had been confined for two years and eight months. Tekle Giyorgis then marched against his rival Emperor, Hezqeyas, who was dwelling at Gondar; Hezqeyas left Gondar and sought the help of "Dejazmach" Haile Eshte, and they were joined by Aligaz. A series of battles followed that year, which led to Heqzeyas fleeing alone to Dengel Ber.
Aligaz of Yejju These defeats also led to "Ras" Aligaz's fall from leadership of the Yejju. When Hezqeyas returns to Gondar in late 1793 at the head of an army, his supporters include "Dejazmach" Gugsa, the nephew of Aligaz. After fourteen years as Enderase, Ras Aligaz Gwangul died in 1803 due to an illness. His period of rule was punctuated by significant civil wars and as a result, he did not exercise complete authority continuously throughout his years as Enderase. Ras Asrat and Ras Wolde Gabriel scored decisive victories against him, and at one point, had pushed him out of Begemeder which they ruled for some time. The transfer of power from Aligaz to Gugsa made the sons of Aligaz subservient to him.
Dejazmach Birru "Dejazmach" Birru Aligaz was a warlord of 19th century Ethiopia during the Zemene Mesafint. As "Dejazmach", he held the governorships of different districts such as Lasta and Dembiya and was made governor of Dawint, Wollo in 1842 by "Ras" Ali II of Yejju. He was the son of Ras Aligaz Abba Seru Gwangul, and had a son called Dejazmach Zegeye.
Dejazmach Zegeye Dejazmach Zegeye Birru was the son of Dejazmach Birru Aligaz. He was the ruler of Yejju until the emergence of Ras Welle Betul. Dejazmach Zegeye had four sons and a daughter: Wagshum Gwangul, Dejazmach Ali, Dejazmach Hailu, Dejazmach Aligaz, and Woizero Hirut.
Battle of Ayshal The popularity of Kassa continued to grow as he successfully defeated several chiefs one after another, including "Dejazmach" Birru Goshu, Birru Aligaz and Belew. Birru Aligaz and Belew were defeated in the battle of Taqussa, that enraged "Ras" Ali. Finally, "Ras" Ali and Kassa fought the battle in Ayshal and "Ras" Ali fled to Yeju after losing the battle. According to traditional Ethiopian history, the battle of Ayshal marks the end of Zemene Mesafint.
Abba Seru Gwangul Abba Seru Gwangul had numerous children including Dejazmach Welle, Dejazmach Kormi, Abeto Yimer, and Woizero Aster. With his wife Woizero Gelebu, daughter of Ras Faris of Lasta and Salawa, Abba Seru Gwangul had Ras Ali, Ras Aligaz and Woizero Kefey.