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Article Example
Alice Taglioni She was Miss Corsica in 1996, but refused to participate in the election of Miss France.
Alice Taglioni Alice Taglioni (born 26 July 1976) is a French actress born in Ermont, Val-d'Oise.
Alice Taglioni She met Jocelyn Quivrin, a French actor, while they appeared in "Grande école" in 2004. Their son, Charlie, was born March 2009. Six months later, Quivrin died in a car accident.
Jocelyn Quivrin He met his partner, Alice Taglioni, during the filming of "Grande Ecole". Their son, Charlie, was born in March 2009.
Brocéliande (film) Brocéliande is a French horror film written by Doug Headline and Benoît Lestang, directed by Doug Headline, and starring André Wilms, Alice Taglioni and Alexis Loret.