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Alcaic stanza The Alcaic stanza was adapted to use in English and French during the Renaissance. It was very frequently used in Italian poetry of 19th century, especially by Giosuè Carducci.
Alcaic stanza One stanza consists of four lines; the first two lines are divided into two parts by a caesura after the fifth syllable. The metrical pattern of an Alcaic stanza would look like this:
Alcaic stanza Horace frequently used the Alcaic stanza in his Odes, as can be seen from this example :
Alcaic stanza The Alcaic stanza as used by Sappho and Alcaeus has the scheme ( where "–" is a longum, "u" a breve, and "×" an anceps):
Alcaic stanza A famous example of English Alcaics is Tennyson's "Milton":
Alcaic stanza The Alcaic stanza is a Greek lyrical meter, an Aeolic verse form traditionally believed to have been invented by Alcaeus, a lyric poet from Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, about 600 BC. The Alcaic stanza and the Sapphic stanza named for Alcaeus' contemporary, Sappho, are two important forms of Classical poetry. The Alcaic stanza consists of two Alcaic hendecasyllables, followed by an Alcaic enneasyllable and an Alcaic decasyllable.
Alcaic stanza It was an historically important form in Hungarian poetry. In Polish poetry (in contrast to the Sapphic stanza which was extremely popular since 16th century) Alcaics were used very rarely. Even in translation Horace's Alcaic stanzas were usually turned into different forms. An example (perhaps the only) of an Alcaic stanza in Polish original literature is Stanisław Trembecki's "Ode to Adam Naruszewicz":
Alcaic stanza German has also used alcaics with some success. They were introduced by Klopstock, and used by Hölderlin, by Johann Heinrich Voss in his translations of Horace, by August Kopisch and other 19th century German poets.
Alcaic stanza An English translation, which suggests the metre, is :
Alcaic stanza Trembecki's verse is syllabic: 11/11/9/10. There is no accentual metrical pattern.