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Team Medical Dragon Ryūtarou is a prodigal surgeon who was framed for medical malpractice and exiled from the medical field. He is recruited by Akira Katō to work in a medical university. He was portrayed in the live action series by Kenji Sakaguchi.
Yakyū-kyō no Uta Akira Katō directed a live-action adaptation that was released on March 19, 1977. It starred Midori Kinōuchi, was produced by Hiromi Higuchi, written by Masayasu Ōehara and Rokurō Kumagaya, and its score was composed by Shin Takada.
Team Medical Dragon Ryūtarou Asada is a prodigal surgeon who was exiled from the medical field. He is recruited by Akira Katō, an assistant professor, who wishes to use his skills to complete her thesis on the Batista procedure to promote herself politically in order to change the corruption in the Japanese medical system. Ryūtarou accepts and begins by recruiting a team skilled enough for the surgery.
Newlywed Hell Director Akira Katō started with the Nikkatsu Roman Porno series at its beginning in November 1971, and stayed with the series throughout its 17-year history. He achieved his greatest success with the films "Tokyo Emmanuelle" (1975), "Slave Wife" (1976) and "Momoe's Lips: Love Beast" (1980).
Tokyo Emmanuelle Director Akira Katō was a competent, but not highly successful member of the Nikkatsu Roman Porno team. His "Crazy for Love" (1971) was part of Nikkatsu's second Roman Porno double-release, and he stayed with the studio throughout its 17-year production of the series. "Tokyo Emmanuelle" was Katō's first successful film. Later well-regarded films by the director include "Slave Wife" (1976) and "Momoe's Lips: Love Beast" (1980).
Maiko Kazama She appeared in her first film for Nikkatsu in July 1980, the Roman Porno release directed by Shōgorō Nishimura. Pink film critics Thomas & Yuko Mihara Weisser credit Nishimura, who wrote and directed several of her features, with discovering and nurturing Kazama as a Nikkatsu actress and claim that though not a beautiful woman, she "smells of sex." Two months after this film, Nishimura directed Kazama in a vehicle suited to her talents in an attempt to give Nikkatsu a new star to replace Naomi Tani who had retired in 1979. The film, , was the first of the four-part "Woman Who ..." series all starring Kazama. The second film in the series, , directed by Akira Katō, was released in November 1980. The third entry in the series "Woman Who Exposes Herself" came out in January 1981. Kazama's acting in this film won her the award for Best Actress at the 3rd Yokohama Film Festival. The final film in the series, the June 1981 , was directed by Masaru Konuma, who had also directed "Woman Who Exposes Herself". The Weissers comment that throughout the series "Kazama's acting ability always shines through."