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Article Example
Ainda Ainda is a small river village in Hkamti Township in Hkamti District in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma. It is an isolated river village in a heavily forested part of the country. The nearest settlement is located several kilometres to the east at Hpalamung.
Ainda É Cedo "Ainda é Cedo" is a song from Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana's 1985 debut album, released as promo single.
Gata Velha Ainda Mia Gloria Polk (Regina Duarte) is a decadent bitter old writer, who decides at last to open her house to Carol (Bárbara Paz), a young journalist who lives in the same apartment building, and give her an interview about her return to literature after a long break . The film portrays a feminine drama which slowly becomes a thriller, with suspense and a surprising end. The film talk about women and their difficulties concerning relationship, ageing and also about writers maddening creation process.
Gata Velha Ainda Mia Gata Velha Ainda Mia () is a 2013 Brazilian drama thriller film written and directed by Rafael Primot and starring Regina Duarte, Bárbara Paz and Gilda Nomacce. The film showed as hors-concours at the 2013 Festival do Rio and showed at the LA Indie Film Fest.
Fernando Sabino "No fim, tudo dá certo. Se não deu, ainda não chegou ao fim." Fernando Sabino
Tagore Trajano - SILVA, T. T. A. ou TRAJANO, Tagore . A Lei Arouca: ainda continuamos a realizar pesquisas com animais. Pensata Animal, v. 17, p. 01-06, 2008.
Subject–object–verb "Nós ainda [não] os temos". Literally: "We still [not] them have". Meaning: (Positive) "We still have them". (Negative) "We have do not them yet.".
KLB (2000 album) Their ranges of success are "A dor desse amor", "Estou em suas mãos", "Por que tem que ser assim?" and "Ainda Vou Te Encontrar" (composed by Kiko, in honor of a girlfriend who died in a car accident)
Mirador State Park Economically important trees include the "pau-terra" ("Vochysiaceae"), "pequi" ("Caryocar brasiliense"), "lobeira" ("Solanum lycocarpum"), "ainda", "bacuri", "pequi" and "murici" for fruit, and the medicinal "sucupira" ("Pterodon emarginatus") and "jatobá" ("Hymenaea courbaril").
Bahumaing Bahumaing is a small village in Hkamti Township in Hkamti District in the Sagaing Region of northwestern Burma. It is located in a heavily forested, isolated part of the country. The nearest settlement is Ainda to the south.