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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for afma

Article Example
Dennis Cometti Cometti is a member of both the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and AFMA Halls of Fame.
GEMA (German organization) The time after the foundation of the AFMA was quite turbulent.
Vessel monitoring system Fisheries of interest include orange roughy, scallops, prawns, tuna and billfish. Fishers must use AFMA-approved VMS devices.
Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 The Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA) (RA 8435) is a comprehensive legislation that provides blueprint for the sector’s modernization and rural development in the Philippines.
Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 The landmark Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA), or Republic Act 8435, was signed into law in December 1997 by former President Fidel V. Ramos. AFMA focuses on five (5) major concerns: poverty alleviation and social equity, food security, global competitiveness, sustainable development, and income profitability especially for farmers and fisher folks.
Edgardo Angara Under his Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA), farmers and fisher folk benefited from improved seeds and plant materials, better irrigation, better financing and market access.
Air Movement and Control Association In 1996, AMCA's first accredited laboratory, ITRI, began testing in Taiwan. In 2008, AMCA's second independent accredited laboratory, AFMA, began testing in Singapore.
Bureau of Agricultural Research (Philippines) The Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 or AFMA (Republic Act 8435) and Executive Orders 127 (1999) and 338 (2000) affirmed and strengthened the role of BAR in the management of agriculture and fisheries Research and Development (R&D) in the Philippines. The AFMA law and the Executive Orders mandate BAR to orchestrate, consolidate and strengthen the National Research and Development System for Agriculture and Fisheries (NaRDSAF).
Air Force Manpower Agency The Air Force Manpower Requirements Determination Squadron, co-located at Headquarters AFMA at Randolph AFB, Texas, was activated in November 2001 and was redesignated as the 1st Manpower Requirements Squadron in December 2004.
Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension (Philippines) With Republic Act No. 8435 or the Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Act (AFMA), BPRE takes the lead in providing more postharvest interventions to empower the agriculture and fishery sectors.