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Ab Aeterno Jacob explains the function of the island, using a wine bottle as an analogy: the island acts as a cork that "is the only thing keeping the darkness [literally the wine, metaphorically some unknown embodiment of evil, perhaps even the Man in Black] where it belongs." Without the "cork", the darkness would escape and spread. As the Man in Black sees it, people are inherently evil, while Jacob believes they are inherently good. To this end, Jacob brings people to the island, so that they may disprove the Man in Black; however, he does not believe in telling people what to do, since this would negate their free will to choose good. When Ricardo points out that the Man in Black will corrupt them as he himself was corrupted, Jacob suggests that Ricardo become his representative to the people he brings to the Island. In return, Jacob will offer him a reward of his choice. He eventually grants Ricardo immortality, after Ricardo reacts to Jacob's inability to bring back his dead wife, or absolve him of his sins. Ricardo returns to the Man in Black, who states that his offer is still open should Ricardo change his mind. He gives Ricardo the cross necklace that Isabella gave him just before she died, and Ricardo buries it on the island.
Ab Aeterno In an extended flashback, after the death of his wife, Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) arrives on the island as a slave on the "Black Rock" in the 19th century. He then encounters the Man in Black (Titus Welliver) and Jacob (Mark Pellegrino), both of whom offer him different deals in exchange for his allegiance.
Ab Aeterno "Ab Aeterno" was met with critical acclaim. Review aggregate website Metacritic gave the episode a score of 93 out of 100, indicating "Universal Acclaim". The score was up on the previous week's score of 76, making the episode tied for the highest-reviewed episode of the season, along with "Happily Ever After". IGN's Chris Carbot highly praised the episode, stating "the overall story of Lost benefits immensely from the clarity that this week’s episode provides." Overall, he gave the episode a score of 9.8. Todd VanDerWerff of Los Angeles Times gave the episode a perfect score, calling it "awesome" and "another all-timer for the show." Maureen Ryan of Chicago Tribune also praised the episode, stating "what was great about "Ab [Aeterno]" is that it showed us a story about one imperfect, well-intentioned man caught up in this terrible struggle." Steven Kurutz of The Wall Street Journal deemed it as one of the best hours of TV, "Richard’s story was so dramatic that I found it totally compelling. Tonight’s show both told a self-contained story and worked within the larger framework of the show by illuminating the power struggle between Jacob and Smokey."
Ab Aeterno "Ab Aeterno" is the ninth television episode of the American Broadcasting Company's sixth season of the serial drama television series "Lost" and 112th episode overall. The episode aired on March 23, 2010.
Ab Aeterno In a flashback from 1867, Richard Alpert, known as Ricardo, lives in Tenerife with his dying wife, Isabella (Mirelly Taylor). He travels to a doctor in order to obtain medicine, but the doctor refuses Ricardo's meager payment, and Ricardo accidentally kills the man when they struggle over the medicine. Ricardo returns home to find that his wife has died, and he is subsequently arrested for murdering the doctor. In prison, he is visited by a priest (Juan Carlos Cantu), who, after learning that Ricardo has been learning English in preparation for beginning a new life in the New World, tells him that he cannot be forgiven and will be hanged. The priest, however, accepts a bribe and allows Ricardo to be taken as a slave to the New World aboard the "Black Rock". The ship is caught in a violent storm and a tsunami sweeps it inshore onto the mysterious Island, first crashing through the (presumably already quite weakened) statue of Taweret and smashing it to pieces.