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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for aelian

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European turtle dove The turtle dove was, according to Aelian, sacred to Demeter.
Nerites (mythology) According to Aelian, Nerites was never mentioned by epic poets such as Homer and Hesiod, but was a common figure in the mariners' folklore. Aelian also cites two versions of the myth concerning Nerites, which are as follows.
Marine counterparts of land creatures Aelian, "On the Characteristics of Animals" (A.F. Scholfield, in Loeb Classical Library, 1958).
Aelianus Tacticus Aelianus Tacticus (; fl. 2nd century AD), also known as Aelian (), was a Greek military writer who lived in Rome.
Hadrian's Wall Mais, Coggabata, Uxelodunum, Camboglanna, according to the line of the Aelian wall. [By the hand "or" The property] of Draco.
Hyperborea Aelian, Diodorus Siculus and Stephen of Byzantium all recorded important ancient Greek sources on Hyperborea, but added no new descriptions.
J. C. A. Corea James Clifford Aelian Corea was a Sri Lankan educationist. He was the former Principal of Royal College Colombo.
Cleitarchus His work, completely lost, has survived only in some thirty fragments preserved by ancient authors, especially by Aelian and Strabo.
Eileithyia Thus Aelian in the 3rd century AD could refer to "Artemis of the child-bed" ("On Animals" 7.15).
Anagyrous According to Aelian, the countryside near Anagyrous was where Aristion and Periktyoni (Plato’s parents) used to lull baby Plato.