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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for adventures

Article Example
True Adventures The events takes about 100 volunteers to run. The 2006 event supplies filled two semi-trailers.
True Adventures In 2013 True Adventures ran three events for total of 7,500 tickets available. "Lycans Afoot" available in Puzzle and Combat versions, "Golembane" available in Puzzle and Combat versions, and the True Grind. Lycans Afoot and Golembane offer 4 levels of challenge: Non-Lethal, Normal, Hardcore, and Nightmare.
True Adventures In 2015 True Adventures ran two retro events at Who's Yer Con "Decent into the underdark" and the True Grind.
True Adventures In 2005, True Dungeon added a tavern area in front of the True Dungeon adventures proper. The area is decorated as a stereotypical fantasy tavern. Drinks are available for purchase. The area is intended to be a fantasy-themed area for gamers to congregate and socialize. It also acts as a staging area for players waiting for their session of True Dungeon. A shuffle board is available to practice combat, and many players meet here to trade tokens.
True Adventures True Craft was a quest based mini game that took place during the True Dungeon event held at Gen Con 2012. Players could turn in True craft tokens to costumed NPCs in order to participate in carnival styled games which could grant in game bonuses during the main True Dungeon events held that year.
Daring Adventures After sales of his 1985 release "Across a Crowded Room" had not met expectations, Thompson was under pressure from his record label to deliver with his next album.
Bionicle Adventures Bionicle Adventures is the second book series based in the Bionicle universe. It covers the events that occurred in the storyline's 2004-2005 story arc. It is preceded by the "Bionicle Chronicles" series and followed by the "Bionicle Legends" series; though as "Adventures" is almost exclusively told in flashbacks, it takes place a thousand years before either one.
Bionicle Adventures The main events of the "Adventures" story arc are told in:
Bionicle Adventures The following sources provide background information and tell side stories taking place during "Bionicle Adventures":
Bionicle Adventures As the Matoran of the island of Mata Nui prepare to return to their ancient home of Metru Nui, Turaga Vakama begins to tell the tales of its fall a thousand years ago...