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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for adventure

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Adventure Adventurous experiences create psychological arousal, which can be interpreted as negative (e.g. fear) or positive (e.g. flow). For some people, adventure becomes a major pursuit in and of itself. According to adventurer André Malraux, in his "La Condition Humaine" (1933), "If a man is not ready to risk his life, where is his dignity?". Similarly, Helen Keller stated that "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
Adventure Outdoor adventurous activities are typically undertaken for the purposes of recreation or excitement: examples are adventure racing and adventure tourism. Adventurous activities can also lead to gains in knowledge, such as those undertaken by explorers and pioneers – the British adventurer Jason Lewis, for example, uses adventures to draw global sustainability lessons from living within finite environmental constraints on expeditions to share with schoolchildren. Adventure education intentionally uses challenging experiences for learning.
Adventure Some of the oldest and most widespread stories in the world are stories of adventure such as Homer's "The Odyssey".
Adventure The adventure novel exhibits these "protagonist on adventurous journey" characteristics as do many popular feature films, such as "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
Adventure From ancient times, travelers and explorers have written about their adventures. Journals which became best-sellers in their day were written, such as Marco Polo's journal The Travels of Marco Polo or Mark Twain's Roughing It. Others were personal journals, only later published, such as the journals of Lewis and Clark or Captain James Cook's journals. There are also books written by those not directly a part of the adventure in question, such as The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, or books written by those participating in the adventure but in a format other than that of a journal, such as Conquistadors of the Useless by Lionel Terray. Documentaries often use the theme of adventure as well.
Adventure! Adventure! is a pulp action role-playing game originally printed by White Wolf Game Studio, the third and last book in the Trinity Universe line of games. The game, printed in black and white on pulp-like sepia paper to resemble a period piece, was conceived as a one-book game line, and was never supported by official supplements. Despite having a vocal fanbase, the Trinity Universe line was discontinued shortly after the game's publication; a d20 system version was released in 2004. In 2002, "Adventure!" won the Origins Award for "Best Role-Playing Game of 2001". Onyx Path Publishing has recently acquired the rights to the Trinity Universe and has announced its intention to release a new edition of "Adventure!"
Adventure! The game is set in the 1920s and therefore at the origin of the Trinity Universe timeline. The release of unknown Telluric energy has led to the appearance of a number of particularly gifted characters, whose actions have the potential for shaping the future history of the world. The Aeon Society for Gentlemen, founded by philanthropist Maxwell Mercer, is trying to bring together as many "Inspired" characters as possible, supporting and coordinating them in their effort for the betterment of all of humanity. But darkness lurks, and Mercer's champions will have to face it in the most unlikely locales. There are three archetypes ("character classes") for players to choose from:
Adventure! Set to emulate the exploits of Saturday matinees serials and pulp magazine action, "Adventure!" uses a very loose and flexible variant of the White Wolf proprietary Storyteller System. "Adventure!" adds significantly to the Storyteller System in three areas: Knacks, Inspiration and Super-Science.
Adventure An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, or other major life undertakings.
Adventure The knight errant was the form the "adventure seeker" character took in the late Middle Ages.