Top 10 similar words or synonyms for adored

envied    0.777991

enthralled    0.757562

mesmerized    0.754567

idolized    0.739137

awed    0.723245

entranced    0.722788

enraptured    0.702306

loathed    0.693857

consoled    0.693017

comforted    0.679925

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for adored

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Article Example
Adored (film) Adored (, also known as "Little More Than a Year Ago", "Adored: Diary of a Male Porn Star" and "Adored: Diary of a Porn Star") is a 2003 Italian drama film written, directed and starred by Marco Filiberti.
Adored (film) Life events of Riccardo Soldani aka Riki, a gay pornstar in the nineties, through the eyes of his brother.
The Adored Their relationship with the Buzzcocks began when Pete Shelley met the band at their first New York City show in 2004. The most obvious and frequently cited source of the band's name is The Stone Roses song "I Wanna Be Adored."
The Adored Following a "Los Angeles Times" feature in 2005, "Alternative Press" named The Adored one of their ' 100 Band You Need To Know', and "A New Language" earned them positive reviews from publications like the Washington Post, "URB", power-pop magazines such as "Amplifier" and "PopMatters", and "Band of the Day" features on "" and Tours with Buzzcocks (in the UK and US), The Rakes and The Damned followed, as did a stint on Warped Tour In 2007, however, following the collapse of V2 Records in North America, Ryan George left the band. In spring 2007, several members of The Adored were reportedly backing up Annie Hardy of Giant Drag at Los Angeles-area shows.
The Adored The song "Not Having It" was featured in the two-part "Grey's Anatomy" episode "The Other Side of This Life", which doubled as a back door pilot for the spin-off series "Private Practice". "TV Riot" is also featured in the videogame "Saints' Row" and a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" was included in "Destroy All Humans 2".
The Adored The band was made up of Ryan George (vocals), Nathanael Keefer (drums), Drew Bayers (guitar) and Max Humphrey (bass). George and Keefer originally met as Central Coast teenagers, through George'sstraight edge hardcore punk band Carry On, with whom Keefer later played drums. Keefer later left Carry On and moved to Los Angeles, and George followed suit shortly after the release of their LP "A Life Less Plagued".
Adored (film) It was screened in the Panorama section at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival.
The Adored The Adored is an American power pop, garage and punk band based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Until 2007, they were signed to V2 Records in North America (reportedly signed by former Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris).
I Wanna Be Adored Oasis refer to The Stone Roses by quoting the song in "Magic Pie": "They are sleeping while they dream/and they who wanna be adored".
My Eyes Adored You "My Eyes Adored You" is a 1974 song written by Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan. It was originally recorded by The Four Seasons in early 1974. After the Motown label balked at the idea of releasing it, the recording was sold to lead singer Frankie Valli for $4000. After rejections by Capitol and Atlantic Records, Valli succeeded in getting the recording released on Private Stock Records, but the owner/founder of the label wanted only Valli's name on the label. The single was released in the US in November 1974 and topped the "Billboard" Hot 100 in March 1975. "My Eyes Adored You" also went to number 2 on the Easy Listening chart. "Billboard" ranked it as the No. 5 song for 1975.