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adleiba    0.888163

agrba    0.887837

kharazia    0.880935

astamur    0.873850

bganba    0.867994

jopua    0.856954

bartsits    0.852444

tarba    0.842665

arshba    0.838744

khagba    0.835910

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Article Example
Adgur Lushba In September 2007, Lushba became First Vice President of Abkhazia's Chamber of Commerce, under Gagulia.
Adgur Kakoba Adgur Kakoba is the current Minister for Education and Science of Abkhazia. Kakoba was appointed on 15 October 2014 by newly elected President Raul Khajimba as Minister for Education, Science, Sports and Youth Policy. The latter two portfolios were transformed into separate State Committees on 30 March 2015.
Adgur Lushba In December 1999, following the re-election of President Vladislav Ardzinba and the appointment of Viacheslav Tsugba as Prime Minister, Lushba was appointed Minister for Economy. He initially kept his position after Tsugba was succeeded by Anri Jergenia, but on 28 May 2002 was transferred to the State Tax Service, succeeding Konstantin Ozgan who had been elected to the People's Assembly.
Adgur Kharazia In the 2007 parliamentary elections Adgur Kharazia successfully stood as candidate in the Dranda precinct No. 24, winning a majority in the first round. He formed part of the opposition. During the assembly's first meeting after the election Kharazia was nominated for the position of speaker by fellow MP Rita Lolua but lost to Nugzar Ashuba.
Adgur Kharazia Following the May 2014 Revolution and the election of Raul Khajimba, Kharazia was again appointed as Acting Mayor of Sukhumi on 22 October 2014. On 4 April 2015, he won the by-election to the City Council in constituency no. 3 unopposed, and was confirmed as mayor on 4 May.