Top 10 similar words or synonyms for acquaints

familiarizes    0.692507

acquainting    0.690925

sympathizes    0.648469

familiarising    0.645173

familiarised    0.639490

empathizes    0.638700

socializes    0.624263

converses    0.617478

perplexes    0.609133

entertains    0.605340

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for acquaints

Article Example
United Kingdom Special Forces Selection Conduct of UKSF swim assessment and SBS dive acquaints.
Monmouth College The freshmen walkout is an autumn event that acquaints all the students with the town.
Zaporizhia Region Universal Scientific Library Performs users recording, acquaints users with the rules of library use, its structure and mode of operation. For services to parents with children - children's room.
Radio Ukraine RUI acquaints foreign listeners with all diversity of political and social-economic life in Ukraine. A full program schedule of shortwave broadcasts, and program details are available following the Radio Ukraine International link.
Pilot (Dirk Gently) In the hour-long pilot, "holistic detective" Dirk Gently is hired by an old lady to investigate the disappearance of a cat, a case that gives him a new fridge and re-acquaints him with two old friends from university. Together they uncover a plot involving time travel, unrequited love, depression and murder.
Vidyadhar Shastri The "Shiva pushpanjali" is the poet's first published work (1915); it does not used a fixed metre and also uses the style of "ghazals" and "qawwalis". "Surya Stavana" was published at the same time as "Shiva pushpanjali". In "Lila Lahari" the poet acquaints the reader with all the branches of Indian philosophy with "Advaita" being the fundamental form.
John Moschus The work teems with miracles and ecstatic visions. Though it is devoid of critical discrimination, it gives a clear insight into the practices of Eastern monasticism, contains important data on the religious cult and ceremonies of the time, and acquaints us with the numerous heresies that threatened to disrupt the Church in the East.
Tony Soprano In "Isabella", Tony, suffering from depression after Big Pussy disappears, acquaints himself with a dental student named Isabella who is staying in the Cusamano home while they are on vacation. He later discovers that he'd hallucinated Isabella due to taking too much lithium, and that Isabella represented the mother he never had.
Isidre Puig Boada In 1929, Boada published "El temple de la Sagrada Família", and in 1976 "L'església de la Colònia Güell". In 1981, at the age of 90, he presented "Gaudí's thoughts", a collection of several articles on Gaudí's works. Besides architecture, this work also acquaints the reader with Gaudí's political and social thoughts.
Việt Nam News Sunday Viet Nam News acquaints readers with the many captivating aspects of Vietnamese culture and society, and profiles its many beautiful tourist destinations. Travelling even further from our humble beginnings, a team of knowledgeable, dedicated and committed workers have launched the newspaper into cyberspace.