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familiarized_himself    0.612107

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familiarize_themselves    0.564317

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John Cairns (1818–1892) He spent some time of 1890 in Berlin and Amsterdam, mainly acquainting himself with the ways of younger theologians. On his return he wrote an elaborate article on current theology for the "Presbyterian and Reformed Review."
Joseph Hall (bishop) In 1605, Hall travelled abroad for the first time when he accompanied Sir Edmund Bacon on an embassy to Spa, with the special aim, he says, of acquainting himself with the state and practice of the Roman Catholic Church. At Brussels, he disputed at the Jesuit college on the authenticity of modern miracles, until his patron at length asked him to stop.
George Borrow He studied law, but languages and literature became his main interests. In 1825, Borrow began his first major European journey, walking in France and Germany. Over the next few years he visited Russia, Portugal, Spain and Morocco, acquainting himself with the people and languages of the various countries he visited. After his marriage on 23 April 1840, he settled in Lowestoft, Suffolk, but continued to travel both inside and outside the UK.
Pertevniyal Sultan Pertevniyal exerted some influence over her son. When Abdülaziz took his trip to Europe, Pertevniyal was anxious about him the whole time he was away. On his way home he stopped at Ruse, Bulgaria, where Midhat was governor, with the intention of a month and acquainting himself with the Balkan country. But Pertevniyal, a possessive and short-sighted woman, wrote him to come home immediately. Sultan of Turkey though he was, he obeyed his mother's command.
Charles Lee (general) Returning to England again, he found that he was sympathetic to the American colonists in their quarrel with Britain. He moved to the colonies in 1773 and in 1775 purchased an estate worth £3,000 in Berkeley County, near the home of his friend Horatio Gates. This area is now part of West Virginia. He spent ten months travelling through the colonies and acquainting himself with patriots.
Grigor Parlichev In 1862 Parlichev joined the struggle for independent Bulgarian church and schools, though he continued to teach Greek. After spending some time in Constantinople in 1868 acquainting himself with Old Slavonic literature, he returned to Ohrid where he advocated the substitution of Greek with Bulgarian in the town's schools and churches. The same year Parlichev was arrested and spent several months in an Ottoman jail after a complaint was sent by the Greek bishop of Ohrid.
Mathieu Boogaerts The son of a pharmacist mother and antiquarian father, Mathieu spent his early childhood in Fontenay sous Bois before acquainting himself with the piano. At age ten he started playing an organ - intended for use by his mother, but who never picked it up. After two years of taking courses, he started his first musical group at age 13 with two fellow students and friends from middle school.
Nilus of Sora Kirill’s followers adopted his ways and would later become known as the "startsy from out the Volga" with Nil Sorsky as their leader. Soon, he went on a journey to the Holy Land and visited Palestine, Constantinople, and Mount Athos, acquainting himself with a mystical doctrine of Hesychasm and reading patristic literature. Upon his return to Russia (between 1473 and 1489), Nil Sorsky founded a cloister on the Sora River (hence, Nil Sorsky, or Nil of Sora) not far from the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, where he would settle down with his followers. He wrote extensively.
The Chaplin Revue An escaped convict (Chaplin) dons the vesture of a clergyman and is mistakenly appointed as the new pastor of the small town of Devil's Gulch. After acquainting himself with a local mother and daughter, and subsequently moving in with them, one of his former buddies from prison arrives and steals from the two women. Charlie tries to get their money back but his former life is discovered by the sheriff who takes him to the border of Mexico; facing life as a convict if he returns.
Nikolay Speshnev Speshnev was allowed to return to Petersburg in December 1859 and with Muravyev's help had his title and rights as a nobleman restored the following year. In Petersburg he set about acquainting himself with the leaders of the new radical generation, such as Chernyshevsky and Dobrolyubov. The poet Pleshcheyev, a fellow former member of the Petrashevsky Circle, recommended him to Dobrolyubov, writing that Speshnev was "a man very close to my heart...He is in the highest degree an upright character with a will of iron. It can absolutely be said that, among us all—he was the most remarkable figure."