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Article Example
Acona, Mississippi Acona is an unincorporated community located in Holmes County, Mississippi. Acona is located on Mississippi Highway 17 and is approximately north of Lexington and approximately south of Black Hawk.
Acona Church, Cemetery, and School The church was built in 1874 as a two-story building. The upper story was used for a lodge hall. A three-room separate building on one edge of the property served as the school. A cemetery was also developed here, with gravestones from the 1880s, and it was still in use in the early 21st century. The complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.
Acona Church, Cemetery, and School Acona Church, Cemetery, and School is a historic complex near in Lexington, Mississippi, in the community of Acona. This combination of church, school and cemetery was once common in rural areas, but the Acona complex is one of the few surviving ones.
Ituma, Mississippi Ituma is an unincorporated community located in Holmes County, Mississippi. Ituma is approximately southwest of Acona and approximately northeast of Tchula.
Black Hawk, Mississippi Black Hawk is an unincorporated community located in Carroll County, Mississippi, approximately southeast of Greenwood on Mississippi Highway 430 and approximately north of Acona.
Cyriacus [ He was bishop of Acona, Italy. ] It is more likely that many Bishops throughout the world (to this day) have been named in honor of Saint Cyriacus at the Baths (of Diocletian), including maybe the first so honored, Judas the Jew from Jerusalem, who converted and upon being named Bishop of Ancona took the name Cyriacus as his own in the latter part of the 4th century.
Eligio Ancona There exists some debate over the exact date of Ancona's birth. There are two possibilities for his birthday: the first is recorded as December 1, 1836 by Francisco Sosa in “The Contemporaries” (1884) and by Gustavo Martínez Alomía in "Historians of Yucatán" (1906). The second, November 30, 1835, was mentioned by the cited source, as well as by diverse authors like Manuel Mestre Ghigliazza, member of the Mexican Academy of History, in his book "Biographies of Today in History" (1945). The controversy was seemingly elucidated in 1936, when the baptismal record of Eligio Jesús Acona Castillo was found in the parochial archives of the cathedral of Yucatán with Ancona's birthday listed as November 30, 1835.