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diarista    0.915144

aquele    0.867561

perigosas    0.859582

pecados    0.859576

casos    0.856050

verdades    0.855468

secretas    0.853686

celebridade    0.846076

proibido    0.845155

totalmente    0.844785

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Article Example
Casos e Acasos Casos e Acasos is a series of Brazilian TV Globo Network, written by Daniel Adjafre and Marcius Melhem, the general direction of Carlos Milan core of Marcos Schechtman (until the 15th episode) and Jayme Monjardim (from the 16th episode). First aired as a special year-end on December 26, 2007, the program went live April 3, 2008 and no longer appears in the following year.
Juliana Knust In 2008, she appeared in the series "Casos e Acasos" and "Faça Sua História".
Giselle Itié In 2008, she participated in several episodes of the series and "Casos e Acasos" and "Faça Sua História".
Pedro Fages Pere Fages is the protagonist of the historical novel "La última conquista" (2005) by Ramón Vilaró and is a secondary character in "Los acasos" (2010) by Javier Pascual.
Bia Seidl In 2007 he made a cameo in the novel "Duas Caras". In 2008, Rod was in two episodes of "Casos e Acasos".
Gabriela Duarte In 2008, the actress makes an appearance on the show "Casos e Acasos" (Globo). The following year, participates in the microarray "Acampamento de Férias", Renato Aragão, displayed by Rede Globo.
Simone Zucato While she was at the theater, Simone was invited to be part of the cast of the series "Casos e Acasos" in the episodes "A Fuga Arriscada", "A Nova Namorada" and "O Recheio do Bolo" on Globo Television.
Sílvia Pfeifer The actress Sílvia Pfeifer also made several miniseries, specials and series. In 1990, he: "Boca do Lixo". In 98: "Você Decide". In 2002, "Os Normais". In 2004: "Linha Direta". In 2006: "A Diarista". In 2008: "Casos e Acasos".
Simone Soares In 2005, he moved to Rede Globo and entered into "A Lua Me Disse". In 2006, he made "Os Amadores". Then the novel "O Profeta". In 2007, participated in the series "Sob Nova Direção". Then came the novel "Sete Pecados". In 2008, another series "Casos e Acasos", "Dicas de Um Sedutor" and "Guerra e Paz".
Nívea Stelmann In 2008, she was part of the cast of the TV series "Casos e Acasos" on the episode "Dicas de um Sedutor". Also in 2008, she did the children's play Cyrano, an adaptation by director Karen Acioly, inspired on the play "Cyrano de Begerac" by Edmond Rostand.