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subchaser    0.561846

multirole    0.552621

seawolf    0.547034

hesn    0.546721

samolyot    0.544955

gepard    0.542590

skywarrior    0.531272

tigercat    0.530042

seasprite    0.528459

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Article Example
AAW Heritage Championship The AAW Heritage Championship (previously known as AAW Cruiserweight Championship) is a title controlled by, and defended in All American Wrestling.
AAW Heavyweight Championship The AAW Heavyweight Championship is a title controlled by, and defended in All American Wrestling.
AAW Tag Team Championship The AAW Tag Team Championship is a tag team championship controlled by All American Wrestling.
Triple Crown (professional wrestling) All American Wrestling (AAW) is an independent regional promotion. Their version consists of the AAW Heavyweight Championship, the AAW Heritage Championship and the AAW Tag Team Championship.
All American Wrestling AAW, also known as AAW Wrestling or AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined and formerly known as All American Wrestling, is an independent professional wrestling promotion originally based in Berwyn, Illinois, now based in Merrionette Park, IL just south of Chicago.
All American Wrestling AAW originally stood for All American Wrestling, but has been simply recognized as AAW since the start of 2007. Tony Scarpone owned and ran AAW from its start in 2004 through May 2005 when Danny Daniels and Jim Lynam began running the company. Danny and Jim then purchased AAW in December 2005.
Drew Galloway Answering Chris Hero's open challenge, Galloway debuted for All American Wrestling (AAW) in a losing effort on 1 September at the "Cero Miedo" event. He returned for "Unstoppable 2016" 30 December to defeat Jeff Cobb and state his intention to wrestle for AAW more frequently. Returning again on 20 January 2017, Galloway was successful in defeating two time AAW Heavyweight Champion Silas Young in Young's AAW farewell match at the "Don't Stop Believing" event.
Akizuki-class destroyer (2010) Main features of the class include enhanced C4ISR and Anti-Aircraft Warfare (AAW) capability, with an OYQ-11 advanced Combat Direction Sub-system (CDS) and FCS-3A AAW weapon sub-system.
List of current German frigates [[Anti-aircraft warfare|AAW]] frigates, 143m/5690t, in service since 2004
Type system of the Royal Navy Type 4X were Anti-Aircraft (AAW) Frigates (this later evolved into the "Destroyer" Type series).