Top 10 similar words or synonyms for 宜臼

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for 宜臼

Article Example
Marquis Jing of Jin Marquis Jing of Jin (), Ancestral name is Ji (姬), given name is Yijiu (), was the sixth ruler of the state of Jin during the Western Zhou Dynasty. After his father, Marquis Li of Jin died, he ascended the throne of Jin.
Shen (state) King Yōu ascended the throne of Zhōu in 781 BCE. His queen and first wife was the daughter of the Marquess of Shēn. The king’s concubine Bāo Sì wanted to oust Crown Prince Yíjiù () and replace him with her own son Bófú (伯服) thereby arousing the fury of the Marquess of Shēn. As a result, in 771 BCE the Marquess of Shēn allied with the State of Zēng (繒/缯) along with Quănróng nomads (犬戎) and attacked the Zhōu capital at Hàojīng (鎬京/镐京). King Yōu lit beacons to summon his nobles in defence but none came and he was subsequently killed at the foot of Líshān near modern-day Xī’ān (西安). Thereafter the Marquesses of Shēn and Lŭ (鲁) together with Marquess Wén of Xŭ (许文公) enthroned Yíjiù as King Ping of Zhou in the State of Shēn thereby ushering in the Spring and Autumn period.