Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ディア

ドクター    0.796161

dakanda    0.698843

그대여    0.639546

ラッキー    0.637183

yarô    0.636621

hōhokekyo    0.631966

дорогая    0.630047

oniai    0.628308

いつまでも    0.627139

パパ    0.626160

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Transcription into Japanese Japanese has only five native vowel sounds, each a pure vowel (monophthong) with a long and short form, and some degree of approximation is necessary when representing vowels from, for example, English. Diphthongs are represented by sequences of vowels, and pronounced with hiatus, as a sequence of discrete monophthongs, not a diphthong, as in ブラウン "Bu-ra-u-n" "Brown", ナイス "na-i-su" "nice", ディア "di-a" "dear/deer", レア "re-a" "rare". etc. The English spelling (phonologically /ɔː/ (RP) or /ɔːr/ (GA)) is usually "diphthongized" as "o-a" in Japanese (e.g. コア "ko-a" "core"), possibly because it is also pronounced as a diphthong (/oə/) in some accents of English. The English /eɪ/ is transcribed to either "e-e" (エース "e-e-su" "ace") or "e-i" (スペイン "Su-pe-i-n" "Spain"); similarly, /əʊ/ is transcribed to either "o-o" (ショー "sho-o" "show") or "o-u" (シャドウ "sha-do-u" "shadow").