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Official state car In March 2016, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was the recipient of two new armoured Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard sedans, worth 19.5 million baht each. They were among four new luxury armoured cars, costing 78 million baht total, procured by the Secretariat of the Prime Minister. One was equipped with licence plate 4 Kor Dor 29 (4กต 29), the other with 4 Kor Tor 29 (4กท 29). One will serve as Gen Prayut's car for daily use with one as backup. Another two S600 Guard sedans are reserved for high-profile foreign visitors. Gen Prayut's position entitles him to an armored van, which he sometimes uses. He travels by Volkswagen Caravelle on some occasions.