Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ورزشگاه

فارسی    0.647713

شهید    0.645859

خلیج    0.641749

فوتبال    0.632751

با    0.622162

بین    0.617388

شهرستان    0.613306

روزنامه    0.612836

های    0.612822

افغانستان    0.612372

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ورزشگاه

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Article Example
Bonyan Diesel Stadium Bonyan Diesel Stadium (Persian: ورزشگاه بنیان دیزل) or Gostaresh Foulad Stadium (Persian: ورزشگاه گسترش فولاد) is a soccer-specific stadium belongs to Gostaresh FC, located in west Tabriz, Iran. The capacity of the stadium is 12,000.
Foolad Shahr Stadium Foolad Shahr Stadium (Persian: ورزشگاه فولادشهر) is a football stadium in Fooladshahr, Iran. It is the home stadium of Zob Ahan, and was opened in 1998.