Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ши

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ши

Article Example
Cyrillization of Japanese Very often people want to transcribe "shi" as ши and "ji" as джи.
Cyrillization of Japanese This is incorrect, because in Russian ши is pronounced as шы and
Ukrainian grammar This participle is most commonly encountered as a gerund, while it is only used occasionally as an adjective. It is formed by taking the masculine past participle I and adding the ending "-ши(й)". An example of the gerund is "знавши", while a common (dialectical) adjective would be the word "бувший".
Russian grammar Present adverbial participles are formed by adding suffix -а/-я (sometimes -учи/-ючи which is usually deprecated) to present-tense stem. Few of past participles (mainly of intransitive verbs of motion) are formed in similar manner. Most past adverbial participles are formed with suffix -в (alternative form -вши, always used before -сь), some with stem ending on consonant — with -ши. Reciprocal ones have suffix -сь at their very end (in poetry can appear as -ся).