Top 10 similar words or synonyms for ша

ши    0.927186

ха    0.920446

пе    0.914472

ка    0.910967

ло    0.909507

че    0.907487

ку    0.903025

ба    0.899287

ма    0.895683

ко    0.895213

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ша

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Russian locomotive class Ye At the conclusion of the third protocol of Lend-Lease in the summer of 1943 (effective from 1 July of that year), the American factories ALCO and Baldwin were given an order for production of more 2-10-0 locomotives based on the Soviet designers' drawings. As the factories were not ready to start manufacturing these engines until the end of the year, due to the high demand for steam locomotives, the Soviet Union was forced to order 150 (later increased to 200) 2-8-0 S160 series locomotives (Soviet designation Series Ша). It is noteworthy that these engines, built between the world wars, were based on the Ел locomotives, having similar features such as the high location of the boiler.