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любимой    0.777694

гала    0.765680

югозападна    0.765239

русі    0.763103

читання    0.762148

ясная    0.758761

прежде    0.758356

отца    0.755776

официальном    0.755638

групата    0.754266

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for сбогом

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Kristian Kostov Kostov participed in the Russian version of "The Voice", "Golos". He was part of the first season of the kids version of the show where his mentor was Dima Bilan and Kostov got to the finals. After his success in Russia, Kristian decided during his visit to Bulgaria to audition for "X Factor Bulgaria" as he is of Bulgarian origin. He made it to the final of the show after he was on elimination with the group A.V.A. but was chosen by the judges to go to the final. On the final of season 4 he performed solo the Lyube's song "Позови меня" and made a duet with Vasil Naydenov performing the song "Сбогом, Моя Любов". For the final song he chose Emil Dimitrov's song "Ако си Дал", but he finished in seсond place as Christiana Louizu won the show.
Vasil Naydenov Naydenov was born on 3 September 1950 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied music at the Faculty of Popular Music at the Bulgarian Musical Academy, where he honed his skills at piano, the trumpet, and other instruments. He has participated in many musical bands. For example, he was the frontman of the famous Bulgarian progressive rock-group "Diana Express" between 1973 and 1979. However, he is renowned mostly for his solo career, which started in 1979 with his first hit "А дали е така"("Is It Really So?"). Despite strict government regulations in popular music, his career quickly gained momentum throughout the 1980s, as he churned out hit after hit such as "По първи петли" (1980), "Любовта продължава", "Мелодия на годината", "Телефонна любов" (all three released in 1982), "Междучасие" ("A break/ Recess", by songwriter Jivko Kolev/ Живко Колев), "Чудо" (both in 1983) and "Сбогом казах" (1985).
Angel Wagenstein His fiction includes the triptych Петокнижие Исааково (Isaac's Torah), Далеч от Толедо (Far from Toledo) and Сбогом, Шанхай (Farewell, Shanghai), which have been published both separately and together not only in Bulgarian but also in French, German, Russian, English, Czech, Polish, Macedonian, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. Far from Toledo was awarded in 2002 the Alberto Benveniste annual prize of the Sorbonne, while his novel Farewell Shanghai received the Jean Monnet Prize of European literature in 2004. The French government awarded Angel Wagenstein the high distinction of Chevalier of the French Order of Merit, and later Chevalier of Arts and Literature. He is also the bearer of the highest Bulgarian distinction – the Stara Planina Order. In 2009 he was made honorary citizen of the city of Plovdiv.