Top 10 similar words or synonyms for му

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for му

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Article Example
Kiril Peychinovich Теарце му негово рождение
Skopje-Veles dialect за да му глода сувите коски.
Kiril Peychinovich Лешок му е негоо воспитание
Avi Benedi Since the beginning of 2014, Avi Benedi has been working together with Bulgarian record label Payner. As a singer and composer, Avi Benedi became famous in Bulgaria for his two collaborations with Emilia: Кой ще му каже (Boi Tegali Li) and Balkania.
270th Rifle Division (Soviet Union) In October, 1967 the regiment arrived at Князе-Волконское and joined the 129th Motor Rifle Training Division of the FEMD. At the end of 1970 the Red Small river Красная Речка and as part of the 270 MRD переподчинена 45-му to the army case (45th Army Corps?) has been relocated in a settlement.
Ordinal indicator One or two letters of the spelled-out numeral are appended to it (either after a hyphen or, rarely, in superscript). The rule is to take the minimal number of letters that include at least one consonant phoneme. Examples: 2-му второму , 2-я вторая , 2-й второй (note that in the second example the vowel letter я represents two phonemes, one of which () is "consonant").
Glintshake Early in 2015 the band re-recorded the song "Mu" from the "Nano Banana" EP, performed it in Russian. According to Shilonosova, the original English text a little overlap with Russian, because the song hasn't been translated, but re-written, however its meaning and general atmosphere have not been changed. Re-recorded "Му" and new "New Year of Hate" were released in deluxe version of "Nano Banana" in June. In September, a clip on the song "Wrong Anthem" was released, created by illustrator Alexander Kostenko.
Georgy Danilov Georgy Konstantinovich Danilov was born on January 10, 1897 in Chyhyryn, a city located in the modern Cherkasy Oblast of central Ukraine (then still a part of the Russian Empire). He was of Russian ethnicity. Danilov enrolled at Moscow University(ИФФ МУ,Faculty of engineering and physics) in 1916 but he was immediately drafted into the Imperial Army and sent to the front during World War I for a period of two years . Although he was formally graduated, his education remained incomplete. In 1922 he returned to Moscow where he was assigned instantly to the department of languages at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East (or Коммунистический университет трудящихся Востока КУТВ). He worked at КомА (Коммунистическая академия, Communist Academy)then he worked as a teacher in high school and in February 1931, Danilov became the assistant director of the linguistic Institute linked to the Наркомпрос (Народный комиссариат просвещения, the People's Commissariat for Enlightenment). He lived in the Soviet capital in Pirogovskaya Street where he was arrested on May 14, 1937.Danilov was an active member of the communist party and for his progressive ideas became, unluckily, a victim of the regime . Found guilty of crimes against his country, being a member of a counterrevolutionary terrorist organization, he was executed on July 29, 1937 (like him several africanists perished due to Joseph Stalin's purges). Danilov's ashes were scattered in the Donskoy Cemetery . He was rehabilitated on November 10, 1956.