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Old Novgorod dialect поколоно ѿ гаврили ѿ посени ко зати моемоу ко горигори жи коумоу ко сестори моеи ко оулите чо би есте поихали во городо ко радости моеи а нашего солова не ѡставили да бого вамо радосте ми вашего солова вохи не ѡсотавимо
Uz Maršala Tita Ко друкчије каже, клевеће и лаже
Book of Veles "влескнигу сіу птщемо кіу ншемо у кіе ко есте прібезища сіла.
Deliblatska Peščara The Serbian cult movie ""Who's Singin' Over There?"" ("Ko to tamo peva", Serbian Cyrillic alphabet "Ко то тамо пева") was mainly shot at the Deliblato Sands.
Wm. Crichton & Co. The contemporary sources use alternative spellings W Crichton & C, W:m Crichton & C:o and W:m Crichton & Co. for which the corresponding Russian transliteration was В:мъ Крейтонъ и Ко. ("V:m Kreiton i Ko.").
List of diminutives by language Adjectives have forms for each grammatical gender and these forms have their corresponding diminutive variant. The used suffixes are -ък (-uk) for masculine, -ка (-ka) for feminine and -ко (-ko) for neuter:
1988 Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church Members of the Council discussed and adopted a number of new documents, "Definitions of the Local Council" («Определения Поместного Собора»), "Message to all Christians of the World" («Обращение ко всем христианам мира») and "Statement on the Vital Issues of our Time" («Заявление по насущным проблемам современности»).
Muhtar's return «Come to me, Mukhtar!» (Russian: «Ко мне, Мухтар!») that sounds in the series, was originally performed by Alexander Kosenkov, and starting from the season 2, this song was sung by Vladimir Zlatoust, director of the film. Lyrics were written by songwriter Yevgeny Muravyov. Music by Alexander Kosenkov.
Religion in the Soviet Union After the Bolshevik revolution, Islam was for some time (until 1929) treated better than the Russian Orthodox Church, which Bolsheviks regarded as a center of the "reaction", and other religions. In the declaration "Ко всем трудящимся мусульманам России и Востока" ("To All Working Muslims in Russia and the Orient") of November 1917, the Bolshevik government declared the freedom to exercise their religion and customs for Muslims "whose beliefs and customs had been suppressed by the Czars and the Russian oppressors".
Ejection seat When an aircraft is equipped with the NPP Zvezda K-36DM ejection seat and the pilot is wearing the КО-15 protective gear, he is able to eject at airspeeds from 0 to and altitudes of 0 to 25 km (16 mi or about 82,000 ft). The K-36DM ejection seat features drag chutes and a small shield that rises between the pilot's legs to deflect air around the pilot.