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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for ка

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Article Example
Ion Lazarevich Degen "Дай-ка лучше согрею ладони я"
Bulgarian nouns adding the suffixes: -ка, -ица, -а, -иня:
List of diminutives by language Note, that the suffixes can be any of -ка (-ka), -чка (-chka), and -ца (-tsa).
Meteor Zavod It pioneered producing quartz crystals HC-27/U (рус. КБ) and HC-29/U (рус. КА) – in USSR.
Bulgarian language Usually done by adding -че, -це or -(ч)ка. The first two of these change the gender to the neuter:
Old Novgorod dialect въ томъ : ѧла кънѧгыни : а ныне сѧ дроужина : по мѧ пороучила : а ныне ка : посъли къ томоу : моужеви : грамотоу : е ли
Julius Margolin Julius Margolin (, October 14, 1900 – January 21, 1971) was a Litvak writer and political activist, and author of the book "A Travel to the Land Ze-Ka" (Путешествие в страну Зэ-Ка).
List of diminutives by language Adjectives have forms for each grammatical gender and these forms have their corresponding diminutive variant. The used suffixes are -ък (-uk) for masculine, -ка (-ka) for feminine and -ко (-ko) for neuter:
Tlingit alphabet An example of the Cyrillic Tlingit alphabet can be found in the text "Indication of the Pathway into the Kingdom of Heaven" (Russian "Указаніе пути въ Царствіе Небесное", Tlingit-Cyrillic "Ка-вак-шіи ев-у-ту-ци-ни-и дте Тики Ан-ка-у хан-те"), written by the priest John Veniaminov in 1901. This orthography does not have a one-to-one correspondence with Tlingit phonemes nor does it record tone, but a Tlingit speaker familiar with the Cyrillic script can puzzle out the proper pronunciations without too much difficulty.
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines Until 1990, Balkan's signs were carried both by normal airliners and special government detachment, agricultural aviation, sanitary wings, cargo planes. Here follows the fleet except An-2 /281 pieces/ and Ка-26, as well as civil Мi-8s /17 pieces/, Mi-17 /1 piece/, Mi-2, training L-410s.